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Breaking: Brian Jeffery Raymond Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Brian Jeffery Raymond Wiki – Brian Jeffery Raymond Biography

Brian Jeffrey Raymond was a United States Embassy staff member who, according to federal authorities, drugged and raped women and stored photos and videos of them on his phone.

Federal prosecutors allege that he sexually assaulted at least 23 women in various countries over the past decade. Federal officials released additional information on Raymond this week, hoping to identify additional victims.

Raymond grew up in San Diego and has a brother and parents who live there, he wrote his attorney in a motion requesting his release. He has “deep ties to the San Diego community” and has “lifelong friends” there, the attorney wrote. Raymond also owns a home in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is worth about $ 275,000, the affidavit says.

“Prior to the events at issue in this proceeding, Mr. Raymond has had an impeccable 23-year career in public service for the federal government,” the motion read.

The motion was filed to request that Raymond be released from jail and placed under house arrest. He says that he has a heart condition that required surgery in 2018 and that his mother has cancer.

“His prognosis for him is not good,” the motion said.

The motion said that Raymond should be released due to his susceptibility to COVID-19, and he said he helped his father take care of his mother.

Prosecutors denied the motion, according to The Daily Beast, saying his behavior “does not suggest such concern about contracting COVID” and referred to videos of three unconscious women in his bed between late March and May 30 “at the height of the COVID crisis. ”

Federal officials also interviewed Raymond’s parents, who said they rarely communicated with him and were unaware that he had a heart problem or even that he was married and divorced, according to The Daily Beast.

Brian Jeffery Raymond Age

Brian Jeffrey Raymond is 44 years old.


One woman told federal authorities that she did not believe she had any sexual contact with Raymond, not even kissing. She said that she thought they hugged at most. She was then shown videos and photos of herself that showed Raymond sexually abusing her, according to an affidavit filed in her case.

The videos were taken after her second date and reportedly showed the woman lying on her back, apparently unconscious. Her shirt was up, exposing both breasts. A video shows her hand tugging at her shorts, briefly exposing her “pubic area”. Another photo shows her hand holding her eyelids open and exposing her eyes, the affidavit says. The photos showed red marks on her knees.

The woman said they met that day, March 14, 2017, at Dumbarton Oaks Park in Georgetown, drank “juice boxes” of Soju, a Korean liquor, and went to a nearby wine bar. Later they went to her apartment, where she served each of them a glass of wine. She said that at one point Raymond came in to use the bathroom, came back with the bottle of wine, and refilled their glasses. She said that she became “dizzy” and her legs gave out under her. She fell to her knees. She told Raymond that she was not feeling well and that she wanted to lie in her bed. Later, she said that she woke up to Raymond lying next to her, looking surprised that he was awake. They were both dressed and she told him that she could sleep on the couch if she drank too much. He refused and left, she told authorities.

He texted her the next day, “I hope you’re not hungover today,” the affidavit read. She identified herself from the photos and videos she found on Raymond’s phone.


Raymond traveled extensively abroad while working as a government employee. He had assignments in both Mexico and Peru, according to the FBI. He lived in Mexico from August 2018 to May 2020. Authorities said he speaks Spanish and Mandarin.

Raymond was charged in a criminal complaint with one count alleging that he “induced an adult victim to travel for the purpose of engaging in any sexual activity for which anyone can be charged with a criminal offense. Raymond allegedly met the victim on a dating app and had videos and photos of the victim showing her unconscious and partially nude. ”The FBI is continuing its investigation and looking for additional victims.

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