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Who is Brent Brown? Wiki, Bio, Age,missing,charged,investigation,family,facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Brent Brown

Brent Brown Wiki

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Who is Brent Brown?

Brent Brown is the Utah man charged in the disappearance of 19-year-old Madelyn Allen, a missing Snow College student who was found alive in Brown’s home.

Allen, 19, disappeared after being seen leaving college in Ephraim, Utah, on December 13, 2021. On Facebook, Brown wrote that he is an equipment operator. He alleges they met at a slavery site and thought it was all role play, but an affidavit provides chilling details about Allen’s captivity.Brent Neil Brown, 39, is now under arrest, according to the police chief. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, he found her covered in coal.

Brown Is Accused of Multiple Felony

Fox13 reported that Brown is accused of holding Allen “captive” and is being held without bail for four serious crimes: aggravated kidnapping, rape, objective rape and obstruction of justice.

But when asked if she was held against her will, the chief said at the press conference that “this is an ongoing investigation and there are certain aspects that we are still investigating and trying to fully understand. “. At the time of the press conference, she only said that Brown was being held on one count of obstruction of justice with more charges pending.

ABC4 reported that an affidavit says Brown did not allow Allen to wear clothing during her time at his home. She also alleged that he strangled her and was carrying a knife, the television station reported.


This is an ongoing investigation. There are certain aspects that we are still investigating and trying to fully understand. ”

She was found “in a Wayne County home that was currently occupied by Brent Brown,” the chief said.

VINE Link, an inmate search database, lists him as in the custody of the Sevier County Jail as of the morning of December 19, 2021, but that jail’s inmate database does not list him. . The Wayne County inmate database also does not include it. The Sevier County Jail is located in Richfield, Utah. He has not been formally charged.

“Investigators continue to explore all leads in the Madelyn Allen case,” Snow College wrote in a December 17 statement on its website, prior to Brown’s arrest. “Officers from various law enforcement agencies meet regularly to coordinate efforts. Police continue to ask the public for help and advice in finding Maddie. Finding Maddie is still the main goal. Evidence suggests that Madelyn has left the Ephraim area. She did not have access to a car or a driver’s license and she would not be able to travel on her own. Madelyn’s current state of mind, as shared by her family at the December 16 press conference, amplifies the concern and urgency to find Maddie. ”

In a press conference on December 16, the president of Snow College described how people have “sincere concern” for Allen.

Allen Was Last Seen Leaving Her Dormitory

Authorities released a 17-second video showing Allen emerging from his bedroom, dressed in a white jacket and clutching a bag. According to KUTV, that video of her shows her leaving her bedroom at 9:22 p.m., and authorities believe she had her cell phone with her.

A post on the family’s Facebook page reads: “Maddie has always been a fighter, and it’s time you got to know her story better. Here she is telling it in her own words (for a scholarship application before being accepted into Snow College) Please share this post and encourage others to share it too.


The statement read: “Snow College Public Safety is working with state and local police as well as the FBI. Police are asking anyone in the area who has seen anything suspicious to contact them at 435-283-7170. Anyone with information on Madelyn’s whereabouts is also asked to contact the police. ”

According to its website, Snow College serves nearly 6,000 students on two campuses, one in Ephraim and the other in Richfield, Utah. The two-year university “has been recognized nationally for its student success rates, affordable cost-for-value, opportunities for participation, and exceptional teaching,” the site says.

Police said they do not know where she was going and if she is with anyone else, and they have been trying to trace her cell phone, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

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