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Who is Brendan Cox?(Jo Cox’s widower calls for an end to ‘dehumanising’ behaviour on Left and Right as he warns people who boast ‘I’ve never kissed a Tory ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth,Death,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Brendan Cox

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Who is Brendan Cox ?

The widower of slain MP Jo Cox today called for an end to the “dehumanizing” behavior on both the left and the right following the murder of Sir David Amess.

Brendan Cox, whose wife was killed by a far-right extremist in 2016 when he was a serving Labor MP, said people needed to challenge comments that “celebrate political segregation.”

To give an example, the 42-year-old, who has become a prominent activist after the murder of his wife, said that he knows people who say “I have never kissed a conservative” as a “badge of honor.” wikipedia

“It’s almost a celebration of political segregation,” Cox told Times Radio.

“I think it is absolutely something that we have to challenge. And linked to that we have to stop dehumanizing our opponents. ‘

Cox spoke in the wake of the murder of Conservative MP Sir David, who was stabbed to death during an election surgery event in Essex on Friday.


A 25-year-old man, Ali Harbi Ali, has been arrested on suspicion of murder, as officials investigate a possible link to Islamic extremism.

Cox, a father of two, also spoke about his reaction to the news of Sir David’s murder, comparing it to his own thoughts when he learned of the fatal attack on his wife in 2016.

The 76-year-old man is arrested after Labor MP Chris Bryant received a death threat on social media following the murder of Sir David Amess.

David Amess Attack

A retiree has been arrested on suspicion of sending Labor MP Chris Bryant a death threat the day after Sir David Amess was killed in an alleged terrorist attack.

Bryant, 59, whose constituency is Rhondda, came under fire after he posted on Twitter that people should consider being kinder in the wake of the tragedy.

The politician revealed that he had been threatened later, adding: ‘You just have to look at some of the responses to this tweet to see the poison that is infecting British politics. And now I’ve got another death threat again.wikipedia

South Wales police said a 76-year-old man from Pontycymer, near Bridgend, had been arrested on suspicion of malicious communications.

A spokeswoman told MailOnline: ‘South Wales Police were called around 4.30pm on October 16 following reports of malicious communications sent to a 59-year-old man from Porth.

“A 76-year-old man from Pontycmer, Bridgend, has been arrested on suspicion of malicious communications.”

Ms Cox, then a Batley and Spen Labor MP, was shot and stabbed by far-right extremist Thomas Mair, who murdered her near where she was to perform election surgery.

“I had a very physical reaction (to the news of the attack on Sir David),” she told Times Radio.

‘I found it extremely difficult to function for a while. That was from being back at that point five years ago when I got a call from someone in Jo’s office telling me that she had been attacked.

But also to know what that family would be going through.

‘The pain of desperate hope in those immediate minutes where you hope they are not too hurt to then realize what happened and the darkness and sadness of that, which will then accompany you for years, for the rest of your life.

It comes as Sir David’s family paid tribute last night to the stalwart Conservative MP, who was stabbed 17 times as he was meeting with his constituents from Southend West on Friday afternoon.

In a heartbreaking statement, his family asked people to ‘put hatred aside’ and added: ‘No one should die that way. Nobody.

Whatever your race, religion or political beliefs, be tolerant and try to understand.

“We are absolutely devastated, but we will survive and move on for the sake of a wonderful and inspiring man.”

It comes when the suspect accused of stabbing Sir David was forced to attend an official deradicalization course after a teacher discovered his extremist views at least five years ago.


Ali Harbi Ali, 25, is being held by police on suspicion of murdering the veteran Conservative MP when he met with his constituents from Southend West on Friday afternoon. It is believed that the suspected Islamist terrorist may have chosen his victim at random after becoming obsessed with killing any deputy.

His friends have claimed that he became even more radicalized and became a lone wolf killer during the lockdown by watching YouTube videos of convicted hate preacher Anjem Choudary with the police and MI5 also looking to see if Sir David was elected because of his support for Qatar, which has been exerting its influence in Somalia, the birth country of his diplomat father.

Ali, the son of a former Somali diplomat who was born in Britain and raised in Croydon, was referred to the iconic anti-extremism scheme, Prevent, which aims to prevent people from becoming terrorists.

But there are important questions after his behavior was not deemed extreme enough to alert MI5. Currently, these references are not required.


It is alleged that he showed interest in radical Islam and was referred to Prevent, believed to have been when he was in his late teens.

He decided to move in with an aunt and her children into a council house in the posh North London enclave of Kentish Town on a street of three-story, two million pound townhouses.

His referral is understood to have coincided with a deterioration in his relationship with his Somali-born parents. Ali’s parents separated when he was young and his father returned to Somalia. A neighbor, who has known the family for twenty years, said Ali spoke of his hopes of becoming an NHS doctor and said: “He told me that he had been doing tests and that he seemed westernized.”

Police and intelligence officials are said to be puzzled as to why the 69-year-old conservative politician was singled out for attack by a suspected Islamist extremist. Initially, reports had suggested that Sir David, a devout Roman Catholic and prominent Brexitist who was an MP for Southend West, had been selected for his political or religious views.


Investigators now believe that there may have been no specific motive for attacking Sir David, and that the 69-year-old was stabbed to death because his alleged murderer had conspired to kill any national politician, and had succeeded. reserve a face. meeting face-to-face with him at a church in Leigh-on-Sea on Friday.

Sources close to the investigation believe Ali may have considered killing other MPs, including Labor and Conservative politicians, before electing Sir David, according to The Telegraph.

A government source told the newspaper: “He had bad luck. He was not attacked by his political party. David Amess was not a specific target. ”

The revelation raises urgent questions about the mentoring plan and whether the opportunity to prevent the deputy’s horrific murder was missed.

Police are also investigating alleged close ties between Sir David and Qatar. The Conservative MP was chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the state of the Gulf and returned from his last visit there on Wednesday last week.

The man questioned about the stabbing is the son of a former adviser in the office of the Prime Minister of Somalia. Qatar supports the current Somali president. Security sources told The Times that all avenues in the case were being explored.

Last night, former friends of Ali, a British citizen of Somali descent who grew up in a three-bed terraced house in the 1980s in Croydon with his mother, two sisters and a brother, claimed that he had become radicalized after watching YouTube videos. from convicted hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

Brendan Cox Quick and Facts

  • Brendan Cox urged a challenge to comments ‘celebrating political segregation’
  • Mr Cox’s wife Jo was stabbed to death by far-right extremist while an MP in 2016
  • His comments come after murder of Tory MP Sir David Amess in Essex on Friday
  • A 25-year-old man, Ali Harbi Ali, arrested on suspicion of Sir David’s murder

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