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Breaking: Brae Taylor Lewis Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Brae Taylor Lewis Wiki

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Brae Taylor Lewis was sentenced to 11 years in jail in 2018 after he was found guilty of maiming his then-girlfriend by setting her on fire on May 27, 2016.

The mother of a teenage girl who was doused with gasoline and set on fire by her then boyfriend has tearfully begged the judge to ‘keep her daughter safe’ and not release him from jail.

The couple, who were 17 at the time and living together, had a volatile relationship marked by frequent verbal abuse and “regular outbursts of aggression.”

But in the run-up to the 2016 attack, Lewis had grown increasingly aggressive, threatening to set his girlfriend on fire on at least one other occasion.

He suffered deep dermal burns on 21 percent of his body and has permanent scars on his arms, chest, abdomen, back and thighs from the attack on Marsden, south of Brisbane.

His girlfriend suffered deep dermal burns to 21 per cent of her body and has permanent scars across her arms, chest, abdomen, back and thighs following the attack

In 2019, Lewis, 20, argued that he was simply trying to scare her and appealed her conviction for committing a malicious act intended to cause serious bodily harm.

On Wednesday, Judge Michael Burnett stepped down and he is expected to render his verdict on Thursday.

The woman and her mother read statements about the victim’s impact in court Wednesday.

Her mother told the court that she feared for the safety of her daughter during the relationship and begged her to leave him.

“His plea from hers is for freedom, and mine is that he remain in prison,” she tearfully told the judge.

‘I feel that he is a genuine danger to society, to other unsuspecting women and again to my daughter … Your Honor, you are the only person who can protect my daughter.

Family Detail

The mother said she felt Lewis’s last-minute guilty plea was a last-ditch bid for freedom rather than a reflection of his rehabilitation since his incarceration in 2016, describing it as a final insult to her daughter.

Prosecutors explained that the mother learned of a Facebook post made on Lewis’s account a few days ago that said: ‘Plead guilty and leave in a few weeks … Who doesn’t? Fuck yeah. ‘

Lewis’s attorney, Andrew Hoare, denied that his client made the post, despite comments from both his mother and his grandmother that “suggested they were under the impression that the statement came from him.” .

The victim, who is now 22 years old, told the court that he still needs therapy for the ‘brutal attack’ and feels that he is ‘living a life sentence’.

“I can’t put gas in my car, I can’t turn on a gas stove, I struggle to do everyday things, and I constantly feel self-conscious about my scars and my appearance.”

He struggles to trust people and still has nightmares about the ordeal.

‘I woke up from that coma not knowing where I was and with tubes coming out of me … And then I found out what happened and it broke my heart to know that the one I loved did that to me.’

Mr. Hoare recognized the serious consequences of his client’s actions and at the same time defended the reduction of the sentence.

“These events occurred four years and seven months ago, when he was a child,” he said. “He has been in custody for more than a quarter of his life.”

The court previously heard that the victim spent two days in an induced coma after the attack, and the burns were so severe that they had penetrated the skin.

She admitted that they would ‘hit, kick, drown and throw things’, but she said ‘at certain points, he would go one step further’.

In the months leading up to the attack, Lewis had already doused his then-girlfriend with gasoline and threatened to set her on fire.

The events leading up to Lewis setting his girlfriend alight

The victim and her boyfriend, Brae Taylor Lewis, were in a relationship marked by regular verbal arguments that occasionally led to physical violence.

On the day of the attack, they had used methamphetamine along with two of her friends, who were witnesses to the incident.

Later that day, a fight broke out between the couple when the woman asked to use the mobile phone they shared to communicate with Centrelink.

Lewis poured gasoline on it and threatened to set it on fire. It was the second time she made the same threat in months, but she said this time she “really would.”

She later told the court that she did not take the threat seriously and simply asked for the phone again. She explained that she had pushed Lewis and then he raised the lighter towards her.

The fumes ignited and quickly engulfed her clothing and her upper body. Lewis immediately approached the then 17-year-old and tried to put out the flames, but she pulled away from him.

Neighbors rushed to the scene and emergency services were called. They placed her in a shower with cold water running over her at the request of paramedics.

A witness, who admitted to being under the influence of drugs, said the woman’s skin was peeling off her arms and chest.

A neighbor threatened Lewis, who fled and refused to reveal his location until police located him the next day.

Lewis has been in custody since that arrest and has been charged with asking his new girlfriend to sneak drugs into jail.

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison, but an appeal was granted on the grounds that he did not intend to cause serious bodily harm.

On Wednesday, he changed his guilty plea.

But the victim’s mother reported that she believed he was unrepentant and that the guilty plea was a tactic to get out of prison earlier.

The prosecution cited a Facebook post made under Lewis’s name days earlier as saying: ‘Plead guilty and get out in a few weeks,

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