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Breaking: Bliss Causby Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Bliss Causby

Bliss Causby Wiki

                                            Bliss Causby Biography

Bliss Causby can be seen being pulled to the ground by her hair for her safety in video captured by a bystander at the Chattanooga Billiard Club (CBC) on Cherry Street. As female security continues to drag her across the floor of the popular downtown bar, Causby can be heard screaming in a video shared on Instagram that Causby said is embarrassing and infuriating.

She said it all happened because security asked him to wear her mask. She pulled out some of his hair; my face was puffy and puffy. My neck hurts. He had horrible bruises on his arm and back, ”she said.

According to a report submitted to the Chattanooga Police Department, Causby donned a mask when asked, but then removed it while she was at the bar.

Bliss Causby Age

Bliss Causby’s age is unknown.

Woman is dragged out of the bar

A video has gone viral on the internet that shows a woman being pulled by her hair from a bar for not covering her face amid the coronavirus pandemic. The alleged incident took place at the Chattanooga Billiard Club when a gorilla abused the woman, identified as Bliss Causby, and kicked her out of the Chattanooga Billiard Club.

Causby has shared her ordeal in an Instagram post, where she claimed that when she questioned the doorman after being confronted for not wearing a mask, the worker became aggressive and misbehaved towards her.

In her Instagram post, the woman wrote: “Last weekend I went out to a bar after dinner to play pool with friends… I was standing next to my table drinking a beer and a security police asked me to go get not having entered. my mask … I questioned her and she got very aggressive and pushed me … ”

She added: “I told him not to put his hands on me that I would leave and this happened… he threw me to the ground and dragged me across the bar on the floor like an animal… what a video taken by a passerby @barstoolmocs not what can be to say is that he proceeded to hit me in the face and head and kick me … ”

Causby continued: “I was kicking his ankles trying to get loose for fear that he would throw me down the stairs … my friend finally picked me up and pulled me out … I should have called the police but they humiliated me and made me hysterical and alone me”. I wanted to go home !! .. this bitch was out of control and I want her to be held accountable !! .. What I can do ?? .. ”

“Won’t CBC give me your footage without a subpoena and claim not to know the name of the security company?” … all I know is that the lady’s name is Linda and she is the owner of the security company … Can anyone help me? “” No one deserves to be treated like that! # Excessive force, “added Causby .

Several people reacted in the comment section of the post when a user said: “That is so horrible !! Very disturbing! He would definitely take action against her! I’m so sorry that happened to you !! Things are out of control. Another wrote: “How terrible. Do your best to find out who did this. The owner of the establishment knows who she is. Very sorry !!! ”

â € œYes, contact the media if necessary. That is the best way to do things if other avenues don’t work. I say it from experience ”, added another. One user commented: “Also, this is not just that she is ‘out of control’, this is a criminal assault and malicious injury because it was intentional and unprovoked. In addition to these images, did you or a friend take pictures of your wounds? ”

“There is no active Tennessee state mask mandate according to the government website. The counties or the city determine the mandates. It’s never okay to drag someone by the hair anyway. This country was burned this summer by excess of force. That establishment and security guard is a better lawyer, ”said one person.

Meanwhile, reports say the Chattanooga Police Department has launched an investigation into the matter, while the woman claims she is in talks with an attorney. Neither the bar nor the security guard have made any comment.

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