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Breaking: Bill Cassidy Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Bill Cassidy

Bill Cassidy Wiki

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Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said Sunday that the House impeachment was unfair and rushed as the Senate prepares to begin hearing arguments for and against convicting Donald Trump this week.

The Louisiana Republican said the House vote and proceedings were more emblematic of a ‘Soviet Union … judgment show’ than a legitimate Democratic process to reprimand a person who holds a senior position in the US.

“The president wasn’t there, he wasn’t allowed a lawyer, they didn’t accumulate evidence, in 5 hours they tried a little bit and boom, he was charged,” Cassidy told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday morning.

Despite the former president’s defense, Cassidy insisted that he has an “open mind” before the trial.

Despite the former president’s defense, Cassidy insisted that he has an “open mind” before the trial.

Just a week after the assault on the Capitol on January 6, House Democrats voted to impeach Trump for “incitement to insurrection,” claiming that he is the majority to blame for the violence that followed that day.

On Tuesday, the Senate will begin its trial, which will ultimately conclude with a vote on whether to convict Trump, an unlikely outcome as a two-thirds vote is needed, meaning 17 Republicans would have to cross the Party line.

Rep. Adam Schiff, who served as the lead impeachment manager in Trump’s first trial in 2019, defended fast-moving this time, claiming the House did not want to sit on the case.

“We just couldn’t sit still and wait weeks or months while this man posed a danger to the country,” Schiff, who spoke to “Meet the Press” immediately after Cassidy, said Sunday.

Trump’s impeachment lawyers revealed on Friday that they plan to use video during his trial next week to strengthen his defense by showcasing moments when Democrats incited violence with “inflammatory rhetoric” as evidence of double standards.

Bruce Castor, the former president’s top impeachment attorney, told Fox News that he would counter the video used by Democratic impeachment managers of Trump’s Jan.6 speech and the assault on Capitol Hill by playing clips of left-wing lawmakers who They call for riots in the middle of Black Lives. Protests matters.

It is not immediately clear what images Castor and impeachment defense attorney David Schoen will use or if that would include other calls by Democrats for public action against Republicans and Trump supporters and staff.

Castor, however, said the video would show that Democrats have used “inflammatory rhetoric” to irritate their base over the summer during the Black Lives Matter movement, leading to violence, looting, destruction and even injury and death.

Trump’s defense attorney Bruce Castor detailed Friday he would use video fo Democrats’ ‘inflammatory rhetoric’ inciting Black Lives Matter riots over the summer to juxtapose video he anticipates they will use of Trump’s January 6 speech and the ensuing Capitol riot

“I think you can count on that,” he told Fox’s Laura Ingraham about using visual aids to counter Democratic video of Trump’s speech and riots. “If my eyes look a little red to viewers, it’s because I’ve been watching a lot of videos in the last few days.”

“A lot of them [Democrats] in Washington really use the most inflammatory rhetoric possible,” she continued. But here, when the president of the United States gives a speech and says ‘he must peacefully make his thinking known to the people in Congress’, he suddenly becomes the villain. So you better be careful what you wish for.

Trump’s lawyers plan to use as their lead argument that Trump cannot be constitutionally indicted and convicted because he no longer serves as president.

They wrote in their brief summary of his argument that the founding text “requires that a person actually hold office to be charged.”

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