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Who was Bibaa Henry?(Wembley park killings: Danyal Hussein jailed for life for murdering sisters ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Charged,Family,Facebook,Death,Murder, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Bibaa Henry

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Who was Bibaa Henry ?

A man who murdered two sisters at random in a park has been jailed for life, with a minimum term of 35 years.

Danyal Hussein, 19, repeatedly stabbed Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, at Fryent Country Park in Wembley, northwest London, on June 6, 2020.

He killed them after a birthday party in an alleged “sacrifice” that he believed would win him a lottery.wikipedia

Their bodies were found by Ms Smallman’s boyfriend the day after they were reported missing to the police.


The defendant, who was convicted of two counts of murder in an Old Bailey trial in July, sat with his back to the court as he was sentenced.

Bibaa and Nicole: life after the death of two sisters

Man guilty of killing sisters in act of ‘sacrifice’
Speaking outside of court, the sisters’ mother, Mina Smallman, said that she had done justice for her “beautiful girls”.

About her murderer, she said: “She is just a detestable human being. She is a shattered human being that, had they not been caught, four other families could have been suffering what we have.”

Jurors had heard how the teenager embarked on a “campaign of revenge” against random women. Hussein apparently thought that if he sacrificed six women, this would help him win a Mega Millions Super Jackpot lottery prize of £ 321 million.

Smallman’s boyfriend, Adam Stone, told the court how he had screamed and fell to his knees to find the sisters’ bodies lying head to toe and entwined.


In sentencing Hussein of Blackheath, South East London, Judge Whipple described the killings as “brutal”.

She said, “You had found these two women. You were a stranger to them. You surprised them, you terrified them and you killed them.”

“You committed these vicious attacks. You did it to kill. You did it for money and a misguided quest for power.”

She said Hussein had dragged the bodies away and held them in an embrace to “desecrate” them in death. The judge said the lives of his victims’ loved ones had been “shattered.”

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On Tuesday, Mina Smallman dismissed an apology from the Metropolitan Police after the force’s response to her daughters’ disappearance was found to be below standard.

A report by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said that an inspector closed the police logs after receiving information about the sisters’ possible whereabouts from a family member, but that information was “inaccurately” recorded by a communications supervisor.

This meant that missing persons inquiries for both women were not progressed properly.

Arrested and Charged

In addition, two police officers have been charged with misconduct in public office. They allegedly took “unofficial and inappropriate photographs” of the crime scene before sharing them on WhatsApp, and are due to plead guilty next week.

Interior Minister Priti Patel said in a statement Thursday that “it is correct that questions are being asked within the Metropolitan Police at this time” regarding searches for missing persons in the wake of the case.

Ms. Patel said the government was determined to address the “abhorrent issue” of violence against women and girls, and said the case of the murdered sisters was “terrible” and “tragic”.


Speaking after sentencing, Det Insp Maria Green said: “Danyal Hussein is a dangerous, arrogant and violent individual who from the beginning has shown neither remorse nor acceptance of his actions.

“This has been a shocking and chilling case and I know that the investigation will remain in the hands of everyone involved for a long time.”

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