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Who is Bianca Chambers?(Wild moment Detroit woman drags car thief, 19, out of barbershop by his dreadlocks and makes citizens’ arrest after accusing ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Bianca Chambers

Bianca Chambers Wiki

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Who is Bianca Chambers?

Bianca Chambers, a local boutique owner, recorded the video via Facebook Live on Wednesday, two days after she claimed her car was stolen by a 19-year-old man.

She said she decided to take matters into her own hands after the Detroit Police Department refused to help her get it back.

However, on Friday, Detroit Police Department Deputy Assistant Director Rudy Harper explained to DailyMail.com that officers responded to every one of Chambers’ calls about the stolen vehicle, which she said belonged to an associate of his. .

Chambers told FOX 2 that she tracked the stolen vehicle in the Greater Detroit area for two days before moving in to confront the suspect herself.

According to the video she posted online, the tracking system showed the car parked outside a barber shop.

The video shows her coming into the room and asking the anonymous suspect, “Excuse me, did you get that Benz?”

He replies ‘yes’ to which she replies, ‘You stole my shit’ before grabbing his dreadlocks in an attempt to get him out of the store.


“At the time, I thought … I’m not going to let this man walk again,” Chambers explained.

The barbershop’s clients helped Chambers make a citizen’s arrest and held the suspect until police could take over.

Harper advised against civilians facing suspects alone in his interview with DailyMail.com.

‘It is dangerous. This kind of action is not worth taking, ”she said.

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Before confronting the suspect, Chambers allegedly slashed the car’s tires in an effort to prevent him from fleeing.

‘I cut all the tires and thought it was going to take off and didn’t know how long it would take for the police to stop. And I refused to let him do it again, ” he told FOX 2.

His identity will not be released until an arrest warrant is issued.

Chambers claims he called 911 multiple times to alert police to the location of the stolen vehicle and no one responded.

However, the police who said the stolen Mercedes Benz was not actually Chambers’ car, but belonged to her boyfriend, sent officers every time he called.

According to dispatch records from the Detroit Police Department, officers responded to four locations where Chambers claimed the vehicle was. The Mercedes was not found in any of the locations.

During her last call to 911, which was made at 1.05 p.m. Wednesday, stating that the car was at the barbershop, officers were responding to a kidnapping call nearby. Officers arrived at the scene at 1:45 p.m.

Chambers started her Facebook Live from outside the barbershop at 1:29 PM.

The 19-year-old suspect was not arrested at the barbershop. Harper said a warrant request has since been sent to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. His identity will not be revealed until an arrest warrant is issued.

Police say the man chose not to press charges against Chambers for the physical altercation.

FOX 2 reported that the suspect has a history of car thefts, however, the police did not confirm that information.

The situation remains under investigation.

Incident Detail

The incident also comes as the Detroit Police Department, like most forces nationwide, faces staff shortages.

A survey released by the National Police Foundation in 2020 revealed that 86 percent of the United States’ police forces have reported a shortage of sworn officers.

The department is currently holding a 12-week recruiting event that began on June 18 in an effort to find new recruits. According to Harper, there are more than 100 positions within the Detroit Police Department and openings in each department.

However, Harper reiterated that the staff shortage did not affect the incident involving Chambers.

“We are no different than any police department across the country right now,” she said. “Of course, [the shortage] affects response times when you have Priority 4 calls. But Priority 1 calls, we’re getting to them.”

Priority 1 calls include felony crimes like kidnapping or homicide. Camera calls were considered Priority 4.

Bianca Chambers Quicks and Facts

  • Bianca Chambers tracked down a man accused of stealing her car and dragged him out of a barbershop by his dreadlocks to make a citizens’ arrest
  • Other customers in the shop aided in her efforts 
  • Chambers alleges that the Detroit Police Department refused to help her get the car back, forcing her to take matters into her own hands
  • Police records indicate that officers responded every time Chambers called 911 
  • Officers also say Chambers was not actually the owner of the stolen vehicle 
  • Detroit police warn against citizens tracking down alleged criminals and trying to apprehend them, saying this behavior is risky and ‘not worth it’ 

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