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Who is Benjamin Olajive?(Black teen, 13, is ‘strangled’ and left bleeding after cops restrain him during knife stop-and-search as his mother accuses Met police ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family ,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Benjamin Olajive

Benjamin Olajive Wiki

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Who is Benjamin Olajive ?

A black schoolboy was ‘strangled’ after police detained him during a knife search, while his mother accused officers of using excessive force against her son.

Benjamin Olajive, 13, got off the school bus at around 4.15pm on London’s Streatham High Road last Tuesday when he was approached by Metropolitan Police officers.

Officers were responding to a report of a person with a knife, said to be wearing a jacket and of a similar height to Benjamin, and was identified as the suspect on CCTV.

Shocking video footage, posted online by Benjamin’s mother, Zeyna Kada, and bystanders, shows Benjamin handcuffed by several police officers.

In the clip, Benjamin, who has ADHD, yells for help as a large crowd of passersby yell at officers calling for the 13-year-old boy to be released.

According to witnesses, the ordeal continued for about 45 minutes, during which Benjamin screamed “my wrists” as officers handcuffed him and allegedly “strangled” him.

What was believed to be a knife was an afro comb and Benjamin was taken to the Brixton Police Station on suspicion of causing criminal harm after allegedly kicking a police car.

Ms. Kada, who said her son had never had encounters with the police before, has accused the Metropolitan Police of “racial discrimination” and using excessive force on her son, saying they should “respect” the children of the people.

According to the Metropolitan Police, Benjamin “physically resisted and tried to get away”

According to the Metropolitan Police, Benjamin “physically resisted and tried to get away” from the officers and “caused dents” in a police car after having kicked it several times.

But Ms Kada alleged that her son only kicked the vehicle after officers provoked him, that they had repeatedly performed ‘hyper-reflexive wrist locks’ on Benjamin, and claimed that the video footage showed her son initially ‘complying’ with the officers.

Ms Kada, who was not present at the time, alleged that an officer grabbed her son by the neck after she became distraught when officers ‘hurt’ her wrists, claiming that she left him with ‘bruises’ during the 45 minute terrible experience.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: ‘I’m not saying don’t stop and look for people.

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‘I’m a mother raising a young black man, I watch the news with all these shootings and I think’ God help these children and help them love each other. ‘

“I’m not saying don’t stop looking, but use reasonable force and respect and remove your hands from someone else’s child.”

After viewing the images, sent to her by concerned members of the public, Ms Kada said that she told her son that she was’ proud ‘of him for meeting officers as she could have’ escalated ‘even more if she hadn’t.

Ms Kada said she plans to educate Benjamin on his rights after the incident, and said officers should have asked him if he felt under “ threat or pressure ” since he is only 13 years old.

Ms Kada claimed her son told her that the officer

She added: ‘I don’t understand the reaction an officer wanted from a 13-year-old boy. These kinds of things are not taught in schools. Children have seen it on television and movies but they don’t know […]

‘These young children should be taught about the law. Most of the boys and girls are tall for their age now, but not all children with Afro are criminals or have a gun ”.

She alleged that the crowd only gathered after the officers ‘treatment of Benjamin, adding:’ In the videos, my son obeyed. He patted her up and down three times. So, there were only two members of the public at the bus stop.

‘What was striking was that they found nothing, what was striking was how they treated my son then. Why were the officers still mistreating him when they found nothing?

Benjamin was reportedly left with marks on his arms from where he had been handcuffed, his uniform sleeve was “covered in blood” and he was reportedly left with a swollen eye.

Ms. Kada claimed that police officers did not take into account her son’s special needs, despite being repeatedly informed by Benjamin and members of the public.

The concerned mother said the footage showed there were only two people around her when she initially approached her son, but a crowd gathered when officers detained her son.

She claimed: ‘It was then that people started yelling and getting angry at the officer. Then two officers restrained my son with his hands behind his back, restrained him and caused my son distress.

‘He is heard screaming in the videos. A passerby said my son was yelling ‘my doll’.

After the incident, a member of the public called Ms. Kada using Benjamin’s phone to inform her that her son had been arrested and advised her to go to the Brixton Police Station.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: ‘Shortly after 4pm on Tuesday 14 September, a concerned member of the public called police who reported seeing a schoolboy in possession of a kitchen knife on Streatham High Road .

‘The boy was identified by closed circuit television cameras and the officers responded. When he approached him, the boy physically resisted and tried to get away from the officers. He was restrained and handcuffed to allow a search to take place.

‘No knife was found. The item that had initially been seen by a member of the public was identified as an afro comb.

While being immobilized, he kicked a police car several times and dented it. He was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal harm.

When the agents began to search, a large crowd surrounded them. A new call was received from a member of the public at the scene who feared for the officers’ safety.

Additional officers were deployed in an effort to disperse the crowd and the boy was taken to a nearby police station where his mother was called.

“It was decided that no further action would be taken in relation to the damage suffered by the police vehicle and the child was placed in the care of his mother.

A complaint was subsequently received in relation to the incident. He is being evaluated by the Southern Area Professional Standards Unit. ‘

Benjamin Olajive Quicks and Facts

  • Benjamin Olajive, 13, was handcuffed by police last Tuesday at 4.15pm in London
  • He had got off the school bus on Streatham High Road when officers cuffed him
  • Shocking footage shows Benjamin shouting for help as bystanders watch on
  • Mother Zeyna Kada accused Met Police of ‘racial profiling’ and excessive force

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