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Who is Belly Mujinga? (Family of railway worker, 47, who died of Covid after being spat on by man claiming he had the virus )Wiki, Bio, Age,Facebook,Family,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Belly Mujinga

Belly Mujinga Wiki

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Who was Belly Mujinga ?

Belly Mujinga died on April 5 last year, just days after a customer claiming to have Covid-19 reportedly coughing up and spitting on her at London Victoria Station.

Ms Mujinga, a sales clerk for the Govia Thameslink Railway, was on duty on the Victoria Esplanade on March 21 with her colleague Motolani Sunmola, 52, when the alleged incident occurred.

The British Transport Police (BTP) previously interviewed a 57-year-old man about the incident, but said there was insufficient evidence that a crime had been committed.

On Friday, Coroner Andrew Walker gave Ms. Mujinga’s family more time to find an expert who could help investigate the circumstances surrounding her death.

How old was Belly Mujinga ?

She was 47 year old.


The family of a railway worker who died from Covid after being ‘spit on’ while on duty has had more time to find an expert to test how and when he became infected with the virus.

Mr. Walker said at the preliminary hearing in the Barnet Forensic Court that the expert’s role could include examining whether it was “more likely than not that a location where the infection occurred could be established.”

Elaine Banton, representing Ms. Mujinga’s family, had requested more time for the parties to agree on the expert, and an additional hearing was subsequently set for October 15.

There were two other employees who became ill while working at the station, one who died from a Covid infection and another who became ill with symptoms similar to Covid-19, according to an earlier statement from the coroner’s office.

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The coroner said that currently no passengers could be identified who were at the station when the incident occurred.

In July, Walker said ‘causation’ would be a starting point to help map out what areas may need to be covered in the investigation into Ms Mujinga’s death.

He said an expert would be needed to treat the possible causes of the Covid infection that led to Ms Mujinga’s death in the first phase of his “step-by-step” approach to setting up the investigation.


Her husband Lusamba Gode Katalay previously said that an investigation would give the family “concrete answers,” adding: “It will be good for me and my daughter, we can have peace.”

The Govia Thameslink Railway sales clerk suffered from sarcoidosis, which affected her throat and lungs and made it difficult for her to breathe.

Timeline of Belly Mujinga’s death and the police investigation

She was on duty at the Victoria Esplanade on March 21 with her friend and colleague Motolani Sunmola when the alleged incident occurred.

Ms Sunmola, 52, claimed they were approached by a man who coughed and said, ‘You know I have the virus.’

In the days that followed, Ms Mujinga felt very bad with Covid-19 symptoms and she was taken to hospital on April 2 before dying three days later.

BTP previously investigated the incident after the death of her mother and questioned a 57-year-old man.

Images of the incident, which were not released, were previously obtained by police, which allegedly showed a man approaching Ms Mujinga before she fled, but officials said the poor quality of the image meant that it was not conclusive.

The force concluded that “there was no evidence to substantiate any crime.”

Subsequently, the CPS reviewed the evidence and confirmed that “there was no reliable evidence” available to modify the decision.

But Lawrence Davies of Equal Justice Solicitors said they are “concerned” that the force will not release the name.

BTP has discretion and is not obliged to reveal the name of a person who is questioned in connection with a case in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

But he added that there is an exception for attorneys seeking that information to pursue a case in civil courts.

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police previously said: “While our thoughts continue to be with Belly’s family and friends, it is not within the purview of the police to assist the public in their search for civil solutions.”

Ms. Mujinga graduated from journalism and became the first female sports journalist in her home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lawyers for the Mujinga family have said that she left the African country for ‘security reasons’ and settled in the UK before marrying her husband and giving birth to her daughter Ingrid, who is now 12. years.

No date was set for the investigation at Friday’s hearing.

Belly Mujinga Quicks amd Facts

  • Belly Mujinga, 47, died on April 5 last year after she was ‘spat on’ by a customer
  • She was working at Victoria station when the incident took place on March 21
  • British Transport Police said there was not enough evidence a crime took place
  • A coroner has now given her family more time to find an expert to look into death

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