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Who is Beau Dean Budak? (25-year-old man, jailed for stabbed police dog) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Beau Dean Budak

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A man who stabbed a police dog in the throat while fleeing an attack was jailed for his series of crimes.

Beau Dean Budak, 25, pleaded guilty to injuring police dog Kaos during a trial in Brisbane District Court on Thursday.

Budak was arrested for illegally harming an animal and driving a motor vehicle, among other things.

The bricklayer also pleaded guilty to serious bodily injury and injury after attacking another man, breaking his cheekbone and stabbing his arm with a drill in December 2019.

Budak was on the run and on the ice when he and another man fled north Brisbane from police last February and were followed by police dog Kaos.

The dog has his back to the wall and bites down on both legs before grabbing onto Budak’s left calf muscle.

The two were furious during the fight before Budak pulled out a knife and stabbed Kaos in the throat.

Police said the seven-year-old dog suffered a deep wound that required multiple surgeries.

His teacher provided first aid before Kaos was taken to the ambulance doctor’s office for treatment.

Officers observed the police dog before Kaos recovered and returned to work.

Lawyers said that although Budak needed stitches for the bite wounds and had permanent scars, he was “shocked” by his actions and apologized.

Judge Paul Smith said that Budak had a history of drug addiction and violence.

“I appreciate being bitten, but he managed to escape. The dog was seriously injured, ”Judge Smith said.

Budak was sentenced to nine months in prison for stabbing the police dog.

He is serving a suspended sentence of three years and three months for his release in August.

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