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Who was Arthur Holscher-Ermert? (Family of man, 27, who died after being hit by unmarked police car)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Arthur Holscher-Ermert

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Arthur Holscher-Ermert died after being struck by an unmarked BMW in Peacehaven, East Suss*x, in May last year.

Officers had been in pursuit of the 27-year-old when he abandoned his car and fled on foot. A dashcam showed the moment the police BMW hit Arthur as he tried to cross a street.

His father, Professor Jens Holscher, says he believes Suss*x police will never apologize for trying to handcuff his son as he lay dying on the road, in a pool of his own blood, crying out for help. shouting. He also says he has been told it could be years before there is a resolution, despite an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

The family also does not yet have a post-mortem report on the death of their son.


The final minutes of the amateur footballer’s life were filmed by shocked members of the public who watched the police car drive across the white lines towards him at Peacehaven. Dashcam video shows the black BMW driving into the path of oncoming traffic before hitting Arthur who is crossing the road.

The police driver has not been arrested or suspended and has been on restricted duty since the incident on April 30 last year.


The Independent Office for Police Conduct has concluded its investigation and is awaiting the crash report before making a decision on turning the case over to CPS for criminal prosecution.

The German-born speaker added that they do not yet have a final Post Mortem report. The Bournemouth University economist went on to say that the family is very frustrated by the slow progress of the investigation into Arthur’s death, explaining: “It’s been a year and not much has happened.”

‘It’s annoying that they give you a long-term perspective of years. It’s horrible and hard to swallow, but that’s the indication I have. It could be years before I get to trial, this is amazing I thought. It is not even certain that there will be a trial. It’s happening but slowly, slowly, slowly.

I’m thinking it must happen, but that’s my opinion. If the authorities share it, I don’t know.

The IOPC said its investigation is almost over.


And new video footage gathered by them has been shown to the family, as Prof Holscher added: ‘We saw some new footage with audio but it didn’t tell us anything we didn’t know before. We have very good lawyers who specialise in taking action against the police but even they are saying it takes as long as it takes and we can not speed it up.

‘It’s frustrating, but these are the rules of the game and we won’t be able to change those. We have to live with it. If that’s the way things go, I have to accept it.’

The family have not received an apology from Suss*x Police which is still causing them pain, Prof Holscher said.


In a statement, the force said: “Our thoughts continue to be with Arthur’s family and friends at this difficult time.

‘We have given all assistance to the IOPC, which has independence from the investigation and remains in contact with the family.

“Now we await the decision of the IOPC.”