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Who is Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood?(British youth worker, 24, found dead in Ibiza was attacked with bottles before he went into the sea ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood

Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood Wiki

                                Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood Biography

Who is Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood?

A young British worker found dead in Ibiza was attacked with bottles before going to sea, his family says.

Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood was found floating with nothing but his socks in the San Antonio harbor hours after he disappeared on a night out with friends on August 5, 2018.

His family claims that the Spanish police want them to believe that Mr. Lahrichi-Greenwood slipped and fell, but they say witnesses have recounted how he was hit with a bottle.

Lahrichi-Greenwood, who worked as a mentor and caregiver for vulnerable children, was last seen outside the Soul City club near the city’s port 30 hours before his body was found, Barnet Coroner’s Court heard.

How old is Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood?

He was 24-year-old.

Syan Angol and Family

His cousin, Syan Angol, said the family had traveled to the island to investigate and questioned the account of the events by local police.

Summarizing an autopsy report by forensic pathologist Dr. Simon Morris Poole, coroner Simon Walker said: “ You cannot state the mechanism by which the head injuries occurred, you cannot exclude violent blows, such as those of a bottle or the sea. bed.

The lungs suggest that the deceased was alive when he entered the water.

He cannot state when or how Mr. Lahrichi-Greenwood died, he did not suggest that he was dragged and dumped in the sea.

Dr. Morris Poole confirmed that the toxicology results were “confusing” and he could not be sure of the level of intoxication at the time of death.

The coroner, Mr. Walker, said: “The witnesses saw several blows with a bottle to the head and they found him on the ground with someone treating his injuries, he was not in the water at that time.

‘Taking into account your conclusions about the injuries, do you think there could have been an element of concussion in this case that affected Mr. Lahrichi-Greenwood?

According to the family, witnesses said that Mr. Lahrichi-Greenwood, of Edmonton, north London, had been “hit on the head with a bottle” during a “fight” with three young Spaniards.

“We have written statements, addresses, numbers, and set a schedule.”


“Although there are still bits missing, we probably have more than the Spanish authorities have.”

Witnesses described seeing Mr. Lahrichi-Greenwood being hit at least twice with a bottle before refusing treatment from paramedics and leaving the scene.

The investigation into the death of Mr. Lahrichi-Greenwood continues.

“I think it is certainly possible, the reason I say it is that concussion, as a clinical state, is often not associated with structures or anatomies in the membrane at the time of autopsy,” said the coroner.

“If he had entered the water, he could have been at a considerable disadvantage.”

The witnesses came after the family offered a £ 5,000 reward for any information that could lead to a conviction.


Beaten to death on the beach: Family of the Briton who died in …

At the time of his death his family criticised the San Antonio police for not properly investigating what happened.

Family of the Briton who died swimming in a rough sea in Ibiza …

Ms Angol previously said: ‘We personally think they are painting him as another British tourist who goes out to Ibiza, gets drunk, gets lost and accidents happen.

That is what they want us to create.

Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood Quicks and Facts

  • Anwaar Lahrichi-Greenwood found floating in San Antonio port in August 2018
  • Family claim police want them to believe Mr Lahrichi-Greenwood slipped and fell
  • But they claim witnesses have told them that he was beaten with a bottle  

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