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Breaking: Anthony Koletti Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Anthony Koletti

Anthony Koletti Wiki

                                                          Anthony Koletti Biography

Melissa Caddick’s husband, Anthony Koletti, has a lot of feathers on his cap.

Supercar enthusiast, DJ, Joh Bailey groomer, ‘prawn farmer’, stepfather, dog lover … and abandoned wife.

Koletti, 38, and Caddick, 49, have been married for seven years. She fell in love with him while he was combing her hair almost a decade ago.

“It was about the way she massaged his head,” said a source familiar with the family.

In the wake of Caddick’s disappearance, Mr. Koletti has been described with some cruelty as her “toy boy.”

It is not suggested that he is involved in the disappearance of his wife or is aware of the alleged financial misappropriation of investor funds by his company.

However, there is little doubt that he benefited from the apparent wealth of his wife. She drove a $ 300,000 Audi R8 and spent a family vacation each year in Aspen, Colorado.

Koletti has been a DJ, producing a music video in 2015, and a housewife for the past year.

He left his scissors in a Bondi Junction salon when the pandemic struck last March.

Caddick’s disappearance left him broke. In the weeks after his wife disappeared, Koletti told the Federal Court that she only had $ 1.95 left in his only transaction account.

He lives off a court-ordered allowance of $ 1,700 per week paid out of Caddick’s frozen assets.

Caddick’s disappearance has prompted Koletti to have several conversations with the police about his wife missing his.

Last November, he publicly called for the ‘Australian communities’ to come together, find Melissa and bring her home, but since then he has kept her advice.

“We just want her back,” he said.

There has been some intrigue about why it took Mr. Koletti 30 hours to report the disappearance of his wife to the police.

But Detective Inspector Gretchen Atkins told 60 Minutes that Mr. Koletti was’ doing everything possible to help us when we asked for help.

“I think he has struggled to be what you would expect … to be proactive,” the police officer added.

Off to the races: The once happy couple attending an event together

As Daily Mail Australia revealed on Tuesday, Koletti has turned to her in-laws, Ted and Barbara, for support, rather than her immediate family.

Look what she did to the people she professed to love
An investor in the Caddick company who spoke on condition of anonymity.
He was photographed meeting Caddick’s parents for a two-hour “lively” discussion Sunday.

Before that, he had spent a considerable amount of time at his Edgecliff home, rather than the $ 6.2 million mansion where he lives, sources said.

Koletti’s own family claims they only met Caddick a handful of times, and his father previously criticized him as ‘delusional’ about his alleged activities.

“If Anthony is guilty of something, it is because he is in love with his wife, wanting him to return home safely and deceiving himself with the truth of what he could have done,” said the father of the tax agent, Rodo Koletti.

The brother: Adam Grimley

Melissa’s older brother had recently returned to Australia for health reasons.

He lived in Singapore where he worked as a governance consultant.

But a source familiar with the family said Adam was unable to return to the Southeast Asian metropolis due to Covid.

Since then, he has faced a series of even bigger problems.

His little sister is missing and he has been managing his estate in his absence.

Grimley wrote to the Federal Court last year and urged a judge to increase the living allowance for Koletti and Caddick’s teenage son.

It was successful: the family received $ 1,700 a week in payments, instead of the previous $ 800.

But as of mid-December, Grimley had already incurred $ 55,000 in legal costs related to his sister’s affair, which the trustees can pay.

To further complicate matters, Grimley has a one percent stake in Melissa’s 99 percent stake in her Dover Heights mansion.

Grimley’s lip trembled during his only press appearance last November, asking for his brother to come home.

“ Melissa, let us know that she is safe and sound, ” she said. ‘We love you,’

Parents: Ted and Barbara

Barbara and Edward Grimley, Melissa’s parents

Ted and Barbara Grimley sold their home in south Sydney and moved into an apartment in Edgecliff, in the inner east of the city, to be closer to their daughter.

Caddick bought the top tier unit from them. Now the retiree’s $ 2 million home is at risk of being sold for under them.

The couple are said to be desperately concerned about their daughter’s disappearance and the situation they have been left in.

“They had an explicit trust in her,” said a source who invested in the Caddick company and was familiar with her family. “And I think they are realizing that they are also victims of that trust.”

The investor noted that Mr. and Mrs. Grimley faced possible eviction from their home to pay off Melissa’s debts.

‘Where are you going? They are over 80 years old. They are not in good health.

‘You have Adam who has stayed to clean up this mess, emotionally and technically.

“ I just sit there and go, we end up with no money. Look what he did to the people he professed to love.

Recipients will report Caddick’s assets to Federal Court on Monday.

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