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Anne Sacoolas

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Attorneys for Anne Sacoolas said they “ would very much like to find a way forward ” about the 2019 car accident in which the British teenager was killed in front of RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

She had requested that the US case be dismissed on the grounds that it should be heard in Britain, despite the fact that her legal team admitted that she would not agree to face trial due to a “concern” that she would not “receive treatment. just”.

The CIA spy who fatally collided with Harry Dunn while driving on the wrong side of the road near a British RAF base said today that she wants to bring ‘peace’ to her family after a judge rejected her offer for a claim for damages will be moved to the UK.

Reacting to the ruling in a statement, Sacoolas’s lawyers said: ‘As Anne has repeatedly said, she is devastated by this tragic accident and would do everything possible to bring Harry back.

“She has continually expressed her deepest condolences to the family and would very much like to find a way forward and bring the family a measure of peace and closure.

“Anne and her personal attorney, Amy Jeffress, remain willing to discuss options, including mediation, to find a path to resolution.”

Harry Dunn, 19, was killed when his motorbike collided with a car outside US military base RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in August 2019

Speaking about Tuesday’s ruling, the lawyers said: ‘The ruling has no impact on or is related to Anne Sacoolas’ diplomatic immunity.

Anne Sacoolas’ employment status has never been relevant to her diplomatic immunity, which was based on her husband’s status as an accredited diplomat.

“ The US and UK governments concluded that Ms Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity by virtue of her husband’s role in the US embassy, and the UK High Court of Justice affirmed that conclusion in its ruling of November 2020. ”

Harry Dunn’s family spokesman Radd Seiger told the Palestinian Authority news agency: “ We are very pleased to see the strong indication from Ms Sacoolas and her personal attorney this afternoon that they are willing to discuss options with a view to finding a way forward. .

The suspect, 43-year-old Anne Sacoolas, had diplomatic immunity asserted on her behalf by the US government following the crash and she was able to return to her home country

“I urge Ms. Jeffress and the Crown Prosecution Service to engage with each other as urgently as possible, and the parents and I are more than happy to participate in those discussions if appropriate.

“We are confident that once a satisfactory resolution is found, both families will be able to begin the road to recovery.”

Sacoolas traveled back to the US after the State Department asserted diplomatic immunity on her behalf following an accident that killed Dunn in front of RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire in August 2019.

The 43-year-old was charged with causing the death of the teenager by dangerous driving, but the US government rejected an extradition request in January last year.

Due to her ‘refusal’ to return to the UK, the Dunn family brought a civil claim for damages against her as a ‘last resort’ in the hope of some form of justice for her son.

At his trial, Judge Thomas Ellis dismissed Sacoolas’ claims that the UK was a “more convenient” forum, keeping the case in Virginia, and described the motion as “not justified”.

Judge Ellis also took into account the ‘strong support’ of UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who sent a letter to the court saying: ‘I strongly support (the Dunn family’s) right to present the case.

‘Of course, it is up to the US courts to decide the question of venue, but for our part the British government believes that British citizens can present their case in whatever court they deem appropriate … I therefore hope that the action (of the Dunn family) in the United States can go ahead. ‘

Dunn’s mother, Charlotte Charles, said: “We are pleased and relieved by the court’s decision.

“We only took this step as a last resort after the denial of justice in the extradition case with strong legal advice from our legal team.”

On February 4, the family heard the Sacoolas legal team file the application for dismissal, in which the Alexandria district court was told that Sacoolas and her husband Jonathan Sacoolas were working for the United States Department of State at the time. of the accident.

Mr Dunn’s mother Charlotte Charles, pictured with father Tim Dunn, said: ‘We are pleased and relieved at the court’s decision’


His lawyer, John McGavin, told the court that he could not explain ‘quite frankly’ why the Sacoolas family left the UK, adding: ‘I know the answer, but I cannot reveal it.’

Dunn family spokesman Radd Seiger said: ‘Having studied this lawsuit, we are delighted to see that common sense has prevailed.

Harry’s parents only initiated these legal proceedings as a last resort.

The Sacoolas were, on the one hand, arguing that the civil wrongful death lawsuit should be tried in the UK, as that was the ‘most convenient’ forum, while at the same time arguing that she would not return to the UK. to face a criminal. prosecution because she fears she will not have a fair trial.

“Harry’s parents never wanted to get into disputes with anyone and fundamentally believe that the way to resolve differences is through dialogue.”

Other motions filed by the Sacoolas legal team to dismiss the case will be heard on March 3 in Virginia.

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