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Who was Anndel Taylor?(Buffalo woman, 22, dies in her car after getting trapped by blizzard) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Anndel Taylor

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A 22-year-old woman caught in the middle of the historic winter storm in Buffalo, New York, has died while waiting in her car.

Anndel Taylor died over the weekend after her car stalled in the snow Friday afternoon as she was driving home from work.

Taylor sent her family a final video from inside her car the day before she was discovered dead from what her mother believes was carbon monoxide poisoning rather than hypothermia, though the cause of the death has yet to be determined. death.

He showed his car stuck in the snow as a terrifying wind howled outside shortly after midnight on Saturday.

The video sparked desperate pleas from his friends and family, who begged strangers to help locate his missing loved one, who was finally found sometime after Saturday afternoon. The exact date and time is unknown.


Taylor’s family said she had called 911 and was waiting for first responders who were unable to reach her when she sent the video.

Wanda Brown Steele, Taylor’s mother, told WCOS that her daughter planned to weather the storm by sleeping in her car before walking home the next day.

However, just hours later, Taylor was found dead inside her vehicle.

Her family said they believe she may have been trapped for 18 hours before her body was discovered.

Taylor’s other sister, Tomeshia Brown, said some people tried to rescue her and her vehicle, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

“I feel like everyone who tried to get to her got stuck. The fire department, the police, they all got stuck,” Tomeshia said.

‘Why didn’t they have chains on her tires? This is a state known for snow,” the sister continued.

Local law enforcement authorities have yet to confirm Taylor as one of the storm victims, nor has her cause of death been released.

Taylor’s family worked desperately in the hours after she sent the video to try to find her, posting on social media pages and asking friends to spread the word.

Tomeshia posted on Dec 24: ‘My sister got caught in a blizzard in Buffalo at 2 p.m. m. from yesterday. She was still stuck at 11pm last night! She Now she’s lost under the snow and no one can find her! I have this pain in my stomach.

Another loved one said they tried to enlist the help of police and EMS to go to the last known place she was.

‘Anndel Taylor, baby, we struggled to find you all day…we sent welfare checks and everything and the police said there was nothing they could do. We were trying to get people to her all day. The snowplows buried her in her car and all of hers. without checking the car.


Since then, a GoFundMe set up for the family to take Taylor to Charlotte and pay for her funeral expenses has been inundated with comments from those who knew and loved her, and even those who didn’t.

‘Anndel was one of my former students. Her light shone bright and my prayers are with her family during this difficult time. Anndel rest in peace sweet girl,” one woman wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“I am very sorry for the loss of her, I am heartbroken for her family. Sending love from Buffalo, we are all neighbors here,” wrote one person.

‘My mom worked with her. We cheer you on during this time of tragedy,” said another.

As of Monday night, the fundraiser has raised just over $8,000 of its $10,000 goal.

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The fundraiser has raised over $8,000 of its $10,000 goal, as of Monday night.

Of the 27 people dead in Erie County, three were found dead inside a vehicle, according to County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

The executive posted a breakdown of the deaths on Twitter Monday afternoon before sharing with CNN that he expects the death toll to rise.

14 people in the county had died from exposure, four people had no heat, three were from cardiac events from shoveling and blowing snow, and three people died while waiting for delayed emergency medical services.

“I am aware of additional bodies that have been recovered and are being taken to our temporary morgue,” Poloncarz told The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on Monday.

“We’ve had so many bodies that several hospitals are full and we just have to review and determine if people have died from a blizzard-related death,” the Erie County executive said.

On Monday, local meteorologists shared that the Buffalo airport had seen more than 49 inches of snow during the historic winter storm.

On Sunday, the Buffalo National Weather Service reported that the area had already been hit with 92.7 inches of snow during the 2022 season so far.

For comparison, Buffalo typically sees 95.4 inches for the entire season, which ends June 30.

The county is expected to continue to see snow well into Tuesday.

“We can see a kind of light at the end of the tunnel, but this is not the end yet,” Poloncarz said. We are not there.