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Breaking: Aniso Abulkadir Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Aniso Abulkadir Wiki

            Aniso Abulkadir  Biography

Aniso Abulkadir claimed that she and her friends Luxika Rajeswaran and Oyindamola Olatuyi were assaulted at the Baker Street subway station by Pawel Uczciwek in a ‘racially abusive’ attack in July 2017.
A Polish businessman who was charged with a hate crime against Islam had an assault case against him dismissed by a judge after key witnesses for the Muslim woman presented conflicting stories in court.
The trio sparked a frenzy on social media claiming that Mr. Uczciwek had tried to rip Ms. Abulkadir’s hijab and beat her. They also published her home address and asked her employer to fire her.

Uczciwek denied trying to remove her hijab

Uczciwek, now 31, denied trying to remove the hijab and said he had been defending his black girlfriend Yolaine Mossimi from a “racist attack by three random women.”

Following a police investigation, he was charged with aggravated religious assault with beatings, which may result in criminals being sentenced to a possible two-year jail sentence.

But court documents show the case was thrown out by a Blackfriars Crown Court judge after the trio could not establish whether Uczciwek had attempted to remove her hijab during the altercation.


Ms Rajeswaran and Ms Olatuyi did not attend the second day of the trial, the judge ordered the jury to enter a not guilty verdict and apologized to Mr. Uczciwek for the ordeal.

Judge Rajeev Shetty called the case a ‘colossal waste of time’ and said the prosecution’s evidence was not ‘convincing enough for the criminal standard of proof, which is that you have to be sure that this happened before the accused may be convicted of something. ‘

Mr Uczciwek revealed the allegations had resulted in social media attacks on him and his family.

while receiving “countless abusive, racist and life-threatening phone calls, text messages and online messages from various unknown individuals.”

At the time, the trio shared a photo of Mr. Uczciwek online and described how he had tried to remove her handkerchief before hitting her.

Ms Rajeswaran said: ‘The man said,’ Show me your hair! ‘and I tried to do it. Aniso [Abulkadir] has never had a racial encounter like this before and has been so upset by it. It’s the worst thing that can happen to him if you take it off, he chooses to wear it and it’s for his own reasons. He’s stripping her of her dignity to do that. ‘

But court documents now show that Ms Rajeswaran and Ms Olatuyi contradicted each other in basic details during the proceedings at Blackfriars Crown Court.

Remarkably, Ms. Olatuyi admitted that she was “not sure” if she saw Mr. Uczciwek grab the religious veil, but told the court: “I agree that it happened.”

Defending herself, Brent Martin argued that the defendant had approached the trio only after she had overheard them making unsubstantiated ‘derogatory’ remarks about her black fiancée.

Relentless cyber-bullying and false online statements have impacted my mental health, causing emotional and psychological distress.

“I was forced to travel to work by car for months to ensure my safety and the safety of those around me. My fiancee worked from home for weeks out of fear for her own life and that the accusers would find her and attack her again.

‘People have shared the address of my family where my parents and my little sister lived, their lies put them directly in danger.

‘The case came to a conclusion and I was dismissed on all charges. I am relieved that the truth has been proven in court.

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