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Who is Angela Johnstone?(Shocking moment cyclist ‘doing 30mph’ crashes headfirst into car turning right at busy junction ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Video,Wife, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Angela Johnstone

Angela Johnstone Wiki

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Who is Angela Johnstone ?

This is the moment a cyclist was sent flying through the air after he collided head first into a moving car at a busy intersection in Blackpool.

The shocking dash cam video was captured by motorist Angela Johnstone, 54, who was sitting at the stoplight at the Watson Road junction on September 30.

In the video, cars can pass in front of Ms. Johnstone, of Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, from the left side of her.

Suddenly, a man on a speeding bicycle comes into view to the right and collides with a small blue car.

According to Ms Johnstone, the driver, in his 60s, quickly left the scene after the cyclist threatened to hit him.

The shocking dash cam footage was captured by motorist Angela Johnstone

The vehicle had slowed down at the intersection with its indicators lit indicating that they intended to turn right.

In the video, the cyclist brakes hard before smashing the car’s hood and being thrown into the air along with his bike.

The car’s license plate falls off after the impact of the collision.

Ms Johnstone, who was visiting Blackpool on vacation at the time, can be heard yelling, “OMG!” as the incident unfolds.

She claims the motorist left the scene before police arrived after the cyclist allegedly said, ‘You should go or I’ll punch you.’wikipedia

Ms Johnstone’s husband Gordon posted the video on Facebook on October 2 with the caption: ‘This was my wife driving the car in Blackpool, when she got home she said she witnessed a hit and run as a driver though stopped, then left the scene. ” .

‘She spoke with the police and the cyclist, the information from the cyclists was that at that time she was going 30 mph.

I reminded my wife of my dash cam and let’s say I have a different point of view and seeing it as well.

“Let’s keep everything clean and civilized and express your point of view.”

Dozens of people have commented on the images, with most blaming the cyclist for the accident.

One social media user said: ‘100 million percent is the cyclist’s fault.

“Driving completely without due care and attention and at high speed as he approaches an intersection, regardless of whether he had the right of way.”

Another said: ‘That was the bicyclist’s fault, he crossed straight there, he didn’t slow down or look, so for my part I just have sympathy for the poor driver of the car whose car collided with the bicyclist.’

Another commented

Another commented: ‘The car stopped when they saw the rider, rider coming too fast to stop in time, and not helping themselves much by not wearing bright / flashy colored outfits.

Speaking today, Ms Johnstone added: ‘I was pulled over at the stoplight, as you can see.

“ He was raining and wet, and it seemed like the rider wasn’t even looking.

‘I went over to talk to the cyclist, he got up and was yelling and cursing the old man who was driving the car.

The rider said, ‘I think you should go or I’ll punch you.’

“ I thought he was very rude, and I would hate to think that the driver would be at fault for that.

Police were called and a paramedic examined the cyclist.

‘Going at that speed, the lights could have changed or something.

‘It could have been worse.’

A spokesperson for the Northwest Ambulance Service said: ‘An ambulance responded to a RTC involving a car and a bicycle, following a call to 999 at 4.19pm.

“The cyclist, a man in his 20s, was taken to the hospital.”

Lancashire Police have been contacted for comment.

Angela Johnstone Quick and Facts

  • The shocking collision occurred at a junction in Blackpool on September 30
  • Heart-stopping moment was recorded by dash cam of Angela Johnstone, 54
  • She claimed driver in his 60s fled scene after being threatened by the cyclist

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