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What You Don’t Know About The San Diego Man: Angel Hernandez Wiki, Bio, Age,Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Angel Hernandez

Angel Hernandez Wiki

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Who was Ángel Hernández?

Angel Hernandez was a San Diego man who was allegedly murdered as George Floyd. A 2019 video from San Diego recently surfaced showing two Metropolitan Transit Service security guards kneeling on a young man’s neck as he gasped for breath.

Ángel Zapata Hernández passed away on the night of October 15, 2019.

Although strikingly similar in nature to the murder of George Floyd, Hernandez’s death went unnoticed by the media until now.

How old was Angel Hernandez?

Ángel Hernández was 24 years old at the time of his death.

Angel Zapata Hernandez San Diego

On Monday, April 19, 2021, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) admitted to having committed irregularities in the death of Ángel Zapata Hernández and announced the amount of $ 5.5 million to be paid to his family, according to NBC San Diego.

On the fateful night of October 15, 2019, Hernández had entered the train platform at Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego. He was reportedly “acting erratically” and “possibly under the influence”, as stated in the police statement of October 16, 2019.

Angel Hernandez Death

While fleeing from security officers, he was accosted and handcuffed by two members of MTS security personnel, who then propped him face down against the concrete. The video shows that the guards restrained him by placing their knees on his back and neck. When one of the staff members knelt on his neck, Hernandez visibly struggled for breath. According to the Los Angeles Times, he was held like this for nine minutes and 41 seconds, before he lost consciousness.

He later died in a hospital.

Cause of death of Angel Hernandez

His death was due to “sudden cardiopulmonary arrest while he was in a prone position,” the San Diego County Medical Examiner confirmed. The cause of death was similar to that of George Floyd, who died of “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating subdulation, immobilization and compression of the neck.”

The statement released by the San Diego Police Department the day after Hernández’s death omitted crucial details. “Witnesses saw no use of force by MTS employees other than trying to keep the man on the ground while he kicked and screamed,” the police statement said.

Angel Hernandez autopsy

The police sealed the autopsy report on the grounds that the release of the information would “seriously impede” the investigation.

Images of Angel Hernandez

The video was not made public until recently according to the family of Ángel Zapata Hernández, while they were fighting the legal battle over his death.

The brutal death of Ángel Zapata Hernández is believed to have been protected from public knowledge for more than 18 months for multiple reasons. The Los Angeles Times mentions the status of MTS security personnel in this context, who are not sworn police officers or law enforcement officers under the law. Although the law mandated the release of body camera images within 45 days in the event of a police death in custody, the law did not apply to MTS security officers.

The case did not lead to any prosecution.

Angel Hernandez Obituary

According to Hernández’s family, the 24-year-old was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was on daily medication for it. His mother, Claudia Hernández, spoke with emotion about her son after the announcement of the agreement and the publication of the video.

However, she has yet to see the video.

“My son, Angel, was a good person. He loved his family and we love him. He loved to laugh, he loved his bitch, his Moon, he loved his life, ”he said. “His death from him has left a void in our hearts that will never go away. The best way to honor Angel’s memory is that no family has to suffer the unnecessary loss of their child. My deepest hope is that this agreement and the changes MTS has made will ensure that this never happens again, ”his mother told NBC San Diego.

Meanwhile, MTS CEO Sharoon Cooney admitted the ‘wrongdoing’ on behalf of the agency, stating: “I am here to say, without equivocation, that MTS security personnel made mistakes on October 15, 2019. , which contributed to the death of Mr. Hernández. ”

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan stated that there was insufficient evidence to prove the murder or manslaughter charges.

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