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Breaking: Andrew Cakehead Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Andrew Cakehead

Andrew Cakehead Wiki

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A school IT technician addicted to pornography has been jailed for nearly three years for installing spyware on laptops given to staff and students.

Andrew Cakehead, 36, of Maidstone in Kent, amassed nearly 7,000 videos of colleagues and their families both at work and at home during his ten years on the job.

The surreptitious footage captured three staff members in a state of undress and also filmed their family members, including children.

However, students only checked in in the school setting and only when using a laptop in the classroom.

Cakehead also installed a covert camera in a school bathroom, recording eight female staff members and one male, a court heard Thursday.

His deviant behavior at the unnamed school was discovered after police raided his home in February 2019 in connection with the download of images showing the abuse of children as young as 12 months old.

Analysis of her computing devices revealed 6,724 videos of 25 staff members, past and present, and 79 webcam videos. Twelve were filmed in her home and three videos of three women contained nudity.

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Cakebread could even be seen setting up the covert camera in the school bathroom.

Police also found 2,506 indecent images, both photographs and films showing all levels of abuse against children between one year and 14 years of age, that he had downloaded from the Internet.

The 43-year-old film director avoids jail after secretly filming 24 …

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Cakebread pleaded guilty to three indecent imaging offenses, one for voyeurism and one for misuse of the computer allowing unauthorized access.

Imprison him at Maidstone Crown Court Judge Stephen Thomas said that had the law allowed it, the sentence would have been longer to mark the “disgraceful violation of privacy” and the harm caused.

He told Cakebread: ‘Your colleagues trusted you the entire time that you were betraying that trust and you were planning to betray that trust.

‘The maximum sentence does not do justice to the extent of what it did and the damage it caused.

‘It was planned, it was persistent and it involved multiple victims over an extended period of time.

Jailing him at Maidstone Crown Court Judge Stephen Thomas

You did it for the purpose of sexual gratification and, I have no doubt, in the hope of seeing them in compromising situations.

“It doesn’t take much imagination to know how they feel, how every member of the public who thought correctly would feel if she had been spied on, and her and their families’ privacy so shamefully raped.”

The maximum penalty for crimes of voyeurism and installation of spyware is two years in prison.

Cakebread received sentences of four months and 10 months respectively, plus 16 months for the indecent image offenses, all of which ran consecutively.

Prosecutor Jonathan Edwards told the court that police raided Cakebread’s home on February 6, 2019 and immediately confessed to seeing images of child abuse online.

Analysis also uncovered encryption and deletion software in an attempt to hide its sick interest.

But Edwards said the investigation continued to reveal the school’s many secret recordings, mostly of adult women, but also some children, working on laptops and not knowing they were being filmed.

He told the court: ‘The staff were assigned laptops as part of their employment that they could use both at work and at home.

This defendant installed software on these laptops that could record video images through the laptop’s built-in webcam.

Consequently, they were completely unaware of its existence prior to the police investigation.

“He misused the control and trust that was given to him in the school’s IT system and installed that software for his own use and without permission.”

It was also discovered that despite leaving his job after his arrest, the spyware continued to film on a laptop.

Although all of the victims captured by the covert camera bathroom footage could be clearly seen and identified by their faces, there was no evidence that the recordings or any material filmed by Cakebread was shared with others, the prosecutor said.

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