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Who is Andrew Brown Jr? Wiki, Bio, Age,suspect, investigation,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Andrew Brown Jr

Andrew Brown Jr Wiki

                                                            Andrew Brown Jr Biography

Andrew Brown Jr. was first shot by Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputies through the windshield of his car Wednesday outside his Elizabeth City home, attorney Wayne Kendall told reporters Tuesday in a Press conference.

Brown, who was unarmed, suffered four gunshot wounds to his right arm, which were gaze blows before trying to flee in his car and cross a vacant lot, Kendall said.

He then was shot in the back of the head, which was described on Brown’s death certificate as a “penetrating wound to the skull,” Kendall said, citing an independent preliminary autopsy conducted Sunday.

Andrew Brown Jr. Age

Andrew Brown Jr. was 42 years old.

Andrew was shot and killed

Brown, 42, was shot and killed by Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Deputies serving drug-related search and arrest warrants in Elizabeth City last week.

The protesters have demanded that the video be released.

“There may be a period of civil unrest within the city after the release of that footage,” acknowledged Mayor Bettie Parker in the emergency declaration.

Monday’s events may further fuel the furor over Brown’s death on Wednesday, a day after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd last May, which sparked protests across the country against racial inequality and police brutality.

Henry Daniels, who also represents the Brown family, said Brown was shot in the back of the head. Attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter saw the 20-second video with Brown’s family members and said that he kept his hands on the wheel and did not appear to be a threat to the officers, who fired when he backed up with the vehicle and tried to get away from him. .

Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten has said multiple officers fired shots. Seven deputies are on leave pending an investigation by the State Investigations Office.

“My father was executed simply for trying to save his own life,” said Khalil Ferebee, one of Brown’s seven children. “Those officers didn’t hurt him at all.”

Daniels said they told the family they could view the video at 11:30 a.m. Monday, just to be informed about an hour before the video was being redacted and wouldn’t be available until later that day. County Attorney R. Michael Cox said in a statement that state law allows face blurring to protect an active internal investigation, and “that process takes time.”

The attorneys said they wanted the raw video, not a redacted version.

Video statement

In a video statement, Wooten said the images only tell part of the story and that outside investigators are interviewing witnesses and gathering more information.

“This tragic incident was swift and ended in less than 30 seconds,” Wooten said, “and the body cameras are unstable and sometimes difficult to decipher.”

Few details of the shooting have been released, although a first aider can be heard on dispatch audio saying: “Please note EMS has a 42-year-old man shot in the back. The arrest warrants Brown was receiving say investigators used information from an informant, including recordings of drug purchases, according to court documents released Monday.

Public release of the video, demanded by advocacy groups, requires court approval. Wooten’s office said Monday that he requested approval and said he would seek that approval, but not until the State Investigations Office assures him that the release will not compromise his investigation.


Griffin said that in a shooting with an officer involved in Charlotte two years ago, it took three weeks for the body camera images to be legally released. Griffin said he hopes it won’t take that long this time, but state law must be followed.

“The commissioners support Sheriff Wooten, who is trying to maintain public safety in our county while also responding to the needs of the Brown family and those concerned about this shooting,” Griffin said. “It is easy to criticize and it is difficult to lead.”

Gov. Roy Cooper called the shooting “troubling” and urged the release of the video “as quickly as possible.”

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