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Who is Alysia Adams?(Missing four-year-old Athena Brownfield’s caretaker is arrested and charged with child neglect)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Alysia Adams

Alysia Adams Wiki

                   Alysia Adams Biography

The caretaker responsible for the disappearance of the little Oklahoma girl, Athena Brownfield, was arrested yesterday on charges of child neglect, as the search for the girl continued.

Athena, 4, has been missing since at least Tuesday, when a postal worker found her 5-year-old older sister wandering alone near her home in Cyril, Oklahoma.

Alysia Adams, 30, and her husband are in charge of caring for the girls.

Garbage service was suspended in the town of Cyril Thursday while police searched for “leads,” and a truck from Adams’ home was towed Thursday night after the caretaker’s arrest.

Arrested and Charged

Alysia Adams, 30, and her husband are in charge of caring for the girls. She is now in custody on child neglect charges, but Athena is still missing.

Four-year-old Athena Brownfield has been missing since at least Tuesday. That’s when police realized she was missing, after receiving a call from a postal worker who found her sister wandering the streets near her home in Cyril, Oklahoma.

Neighbors told local outlet KFOR that they had not seen Alysia since last Thursday.

They noticed a child’s tricycle in the middle of the road, which they said seemed strange, but saw no sign of Athena or her sister.

On Thursday, Adams was booked into the county jail on child neglect charges.

Still no sign of Athena. Adams’ husband has not been arrested.

It’s unclear why the girls were placed in Adams’ care, or if there were other children living in the home.

Investigation Detail

Part of the police investigation is to determine where Athena’s biological parents are and whether they had anything to do with her disappearance, authorities said yesterday.

‘Right now, our top priority is locating her and determining who is responsible will come next.

“But we have to find this girl,” said Brook Arbeitman, a spokesman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Athena’s five-year-old sister, whose name has not been identified, did not require medical attention when she was found.

She is now in the custody of the state.

The postman told police that he quickly realized the girl “wasn’t where she was supposed to be.”

Once he reported finding her, authorities launched an investigation and determined that Athena was missing.

It is not clear if Adams or her husband were in the house at the time.

Alysia Adams Quick and Facts

  • Athena Brownfield has been missing since at least Tuesday in Cyril, Oklahoma
  • Her five-year-old sister was wound wandering the streets by a postal worker
  • The girls were in the care of Alysia Adams, 30, and her husband 
  • Adams was arrested on Thursday on charges of child neglect 
  • Part of the investigation is finding Athena’s biological parents, police said