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Who is Alisa Miroshyna ?(Ukrainian girl, 9, heading for Britain is STILL stuck in Poland with her aunt) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Alisa Miroshyna

Alisa Miroshyna Wiki

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Who is Alisa Miroshyna ?

Nine-year-old Alisa Miroshyna is being cared for by her aunt Viktoria Sochka, 38, and cousin Anastasiia, 14, while her mother Kateryna, 35, and father Oleksii, 41, serve in the armed forces. Ukrainian armies.

The three were offered spare rooms last month to stay at the home of Nick Anderson, 59, and his partner Karen Jones, 54, in Hartlepool, County Durham.

But they are still stuck in Poland waiting for the visas to be issued, even though Nick applied on their behalf more than five weeks ago.

In the latest twist to the saga, officials are said to have asked for more proof that Viktoria is indeed Alisa’s aunt and has the right to travel with her to the UK.


Nick Anderson said officials have requested further evidence that Viktoria is indeed Alisa’s aunt, which prevents them from traveling to the UK.

But Nick insists that the officials handling the application already have a durable power of attorney, giving Viktoria the right to care for her niece.

He said: ‘It’s just a farce and very frustrating. We have a home ready here for Viktoria and the two girls, but it seems to be problem after problem keeping them away.

“When social services came to see our home several weeks ago to make sure it was adequate, they told us that Viktoria would need to obtain a durable power of attorney to show that she was acting as guardian of her niece.

I passed on the advice and they got the official document from the Ukrainian authorities about two or three days later, and uploaded it as part of their application.

“But now officials seem to be questioning this. It is absolutely ridiculous and you are putting unnecessary obstacles in the way.

“Our public officials seem to be deliberately obstructing refugees when bombing kills civilians every day. It really is disgusting.

Nick Husband Andrii

Nick was told that her husband Andrii, 43, was fighting in the Ukrainian army and back at the front after being wounded in February.

Viktoria also said that she had to take care of her niece so that her sister and her brother-in-law could also serve in the country’s armed forces.

Nick said he spent several hours applying for visas online on March 20 and enlisted the help of Hartlepool MP Jill Mortimer’s office after becoming frustrated with delays.

Intervention by Ms. Mortimer’s staff resulted in her being assured that a decision on whether to grant visas would be made by April 4.

As a result, Viktoria and the two girls left their home in war-torn Dnipro and embarked on a 26-hour train journey to Warsaw, so they could board their flights to the UK booked for April 6.

How can we be treating people like this?

It shows how incompetent the Home Office is. The whole thing is a lousy farce.

He added: “We decided we had the space to help a family after being horrified by what is happening in Ukraine.

“Karen and I quickly got all the necessary DBS checks in place and the local council checked our house to make sure everything was adequate.

“Viktoria can’t speak English, but Anastasiia can speak a little, so we’ve been communicating through her on Messenger.”

Nick said that Viktoria and the two girls had been living in fear in her apartment on the ninth floor of an apartment block in Dnipro before fleeing to Warsaw.

And he added: ‘It was terrifying for them. They often had to take cover in the corridor when they could hear the shelling, as there was no time to get to a bomb shelter.

“Their lives were constantly at risk as they waited to find out if they were going to get visas.

“It’s so frustrating when they have a safe place here. The horrible thing is that the Russians bombed them out of their original home in 2015, so they are refugees twice.”

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