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Who is Alfredo Rivera? Wiki, Bio, Age,Family, Flight Attendant, Video, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Alfredo Rivera

Alfredo Rivera Wiki

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Who is Alfredo Rivera ?

Alfredo Rivera, except for the fact that after the parody video went viral, he is being hailed as the “hero.” He is said to have saved the day after Berry got drunk on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31 and proceeded to grope the flight attendants. After he yelled at a flight crew when she confronted him regarding his behavior, Rivera approached him to speak.

In a video of the incident, Berry is seen throwing a punch at Rivera, after which the flight attendant physically subdued him and taped him to his seat. Unable to move, Berry kept yelling “Help! Help! “Through how little he could speak with the duct tape that covered half his mouth. However, none of the passengers came to help him or objected to being immobilized after his bad behavior. After the video went viral on Twitter, Berry’s behavior was again criticized, while Rivera was praised.

Alfredo Rivera Age

The age of Alfredo Rivera is unknown.

Video of the stewardess of the Alfredo Rivera parody seen more than 5 million times

After an Ohio man named Maxwell Berry went viral in recent days for his rebellious behavior on a Frontier Airlines flight, everyone began cheering for the flight attendant who subdued Berry and taped him to a airplane seat. So when a fake video of the flight attendant appeared online, everyone thought it was real. However, it was actually a parody video made by the comedian who calls himself “The Real Spark”.

“I am a flight attendant, that means I attend flights,” said the comedian disguised as Alfredo Rivera. “Sometimes our work forces us to tend to the crazy. If you push us too hard, you will have to attend to this scream of ass. ” Describing the 32-year-old Berry, the fake Rivera said: “This man smelled like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, four shots of Everclear alcohol and regret, so I know something was about to happen.”

He went on to describe how Berry started spitting and touching his co-worker’s breasts. “So what I did was remove the duct tape,” he said. “He freaked out and started stuttering, ‘Wait, wait a minute. Something is wrong ”. I said, “ Yeah, now we’re about to mummify your ass, boy. ” So we wrapped it better than any Christmas present you’ve ever had. viewed “. The video of the interview was originally posted on TikTok. The Real Spark then posted the video on Twitter, where it instantly went viral, and on YouTube, where, as of this writing, he had garnered just over a million views.

However, there was also some confusion regarding Rivera’s name, as the person who filmed the Berry video, allegedly another passenger on the flight, was also named Alfredo Rivera. He is credited with an image of the incident shared by Reuters. Local 10 interviewed him and told the outlet: “[Berry] started getting aggressive and basically attacking male flight attendants.” It is quite possible that the flight attendant and the passenger shared the same name.

Not realizing that Rivera in the viral interview was actually a comedian, people began to praise Rivera’s comedic abilities and his ability to tell a story. “A hero has emerged for this dark time, and his name is Alfredo Rivera,” said one of them, while another wrote: “How do I sign up to have Alfredo Rivera as my flight attendant on all future flights? ? ! A third commented: “The flight attendant Alfredo Rivera tells the crazy story of how to record that crazy passenger on the plane.” The next commented: “Give Alfredo Rivera what he wants for having to step in and deal with that shit.” One more noted, “Please give Alfredo Rivera his own program (and make him the FAA’s chief administrator).”

Another joked: “Good morning. Happy Friday to Alfredo Rivera ONLY. The incredible stewardess slapped the idiot passenger on her seat. Rivera knew the guy was a problem because he smelled like “packets of Marlboro cigarettes, Everclear alcohol, and regret.” “#Morningjoe #AlfredoRivera”. One more said: “Alfredo Rivera is the best storyteller of our time.” One commenter tweeted: “Alfredo Rivera’s Pulitzer is already in post.” One more wrote: “Alfredo Rivera needs his own program, now.”

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