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Breaking: Alexander Chepurnov Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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The COVID investigator agreed to test antiviral antibodies twice and concluded that the herd’s immunological desires were exaggerated.
DR. Alexander Chepurnov, 69, was first infected with Covid-19 while skiing in France in February, but was reinfected to see if he still had antibodies.

Returning to Siberia when he first contracted the killer virus, Dr. Chepurnov and his team at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine began investigating Covid antibodies.

He noted that the antibodies decreased rapidly and said: “No other antibodies were detected at the end of the third month after nausea.”

To refine the study, Dr. Chepurnov was talking about the coronavirus exactly if he had immunity.

Unprotected HIV positive patients were deliberately exposed.

I wonder if all the advocates of #herdimmunity want to follow the example of Dr. Alexander Chepurnov to illustrate the point they are making. #Covid # reinfection # covidreinfection https://t.co/Vj39rOxCHO

– Dr Birgit Clark (@BirgitC) October 28, 2020

DR. Chepurnov said: “My body’s defenses fell exactly six months after the first infection.

“The first sign was a sore throat.”

Unlike his first infection in February, the second was much more serious and kept him in hospital.

Alexander Chepurnov added: “My temperature stayed above 39 ° C for five days.

When He Infected Twice

“I lost my sense of smell, my taste, my opinion has changed.

“On the sixth day of the illness, the CT scan image of the lungs was clear and three days after the scan, the X-ray showed double pneumonia.

“The virus disappeared pretty quickly.

“After two weeks, it was no longer detected in the nasopharynx or other samples.”

At the end of his investigation, the investigator came to the conclusion that the hope for the integrity of the herd was exaggerated and futile.


The results suggest that immunity to vaccines or infections can only act as a temporary prevention of the virus.

He said: “We need a vaccine that can be used multiple times, a recombinant vaccine is not enough.

“Once an adenovirus vector vaccine has been injected, we cannot repeat it because immunity to the adenovirus vector is always compromised.”

It happened when Vladimir Putin praised the fact that the second Covid vaccine had been supplemented with Russian bombers and the third was working.

A man in power in the Kremlin in a rush to win a world immunization contest sparked health problems after his daughter tried out the first Sputnik Five event in August.

Another Russian drug, EpiVacCorona, manufactured by Vector’s State Research Center, was approved on September 30 and will go on sale on January 1, 2021.

It contains synthetic peptide antigens derived from fragments extracted from viruses and designed to trigger an immune response.

In the UK, a major new study has argued that the UK is “miles away” from achieving livestock integrity and will never be able to achieve a natural level of protection.

Researchers from Imperial College London said immunity was “weak” and the number of positive antibody tests fell 26% in three months.

In a briefing with reporters, Professor Helen Ward, who worked on the study, said, based on the findings, that the UK is a “long way to go” in achieving livestock integrity.

She said: “Even under the best of circumstances (first cycle of the study), 94% of the population was unlikely to be protected, and now more than 95% of the population does not have antibodies.

“I think we are very, very far from the idea that other people are protecting people.”

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