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What You Don’t Know About The Melbourne Youth Worker: Alex Jones Wiki, Bio, Age,Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Alex Jones

Alex Jones Wiki

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Who is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones is a former youth worker who reportedly used a child protection system database to access confidential information about a troubled teenager before befriending the young man and sexually assaulting him, according to reports.

Jones encountered his 13-year-old victim, Zack *, outside Melbourne’s Flinders Street station in 2018.

How old is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones is 30 years old in the year 2021.

Alex Jones Melbourne

Zack had been smoking cigarettes with friends when Jones approached him in search of a light, struck up a conversation with the unsuspecting teenager and then asked him for Zack’s details on Facebook, ABC reported.

Zack had no idea that that same night the seemingly friendly stranger had accessed his personal information that was stored in CRISSP, a database of the Department of Health and Human Services that contains personal details about children in the protection system. childish.

Jones had previously worked for Melbourne City Mission and was given access to the confidential database when he worked in a DHHS funded program.

Jones left office eight months before meeting Zack, and his authorization to access the database should have been revoked.

Although in a case of human error, he was still able to access confidential and private information, which he used to prepare Zack in a series of messages that he sent to the teenager after meeting him at the Flinders Street station.

Jones knew that the teenager had lost his father several years ago.

“My brother died,” Jones wrote.

“ Fuck I’m so sorry, ” Zack replied. “IK [I know] how you feel.”

“How is that?” Jones wrote.

“My dad died two years ago,” Zack wrote.

“Oh damn brother,” Jones wrote.

Alex Jones Rape

Also listed in the database are Zack’s hobbies, including cars, and a previous charge related to car theft.

Jones bragged to the teenager of his high-powered Holden and sent the teenager a photo of him.

“Do you want to cross over?” He wrote.

“I want to do some nonsense,” Zack replied.

Jones continued to brag about his “burned car” before taking Zack out for a ride.

“I can only take you, but,” he wrote.

Jones picked up Zack several weeks later and the couple spent the night exhausting, eating fast food, and sleeping in Jones’s car. Zack says Jones even claimed that he was an ex-Navy and bragged that he could track down information on anyone.

The teenager gave him a test and asked if he could find out who his ex-girlfriend was.

“I gave her his full name and he came back with his address, his mother’s phone number and all his names and ages,” he said.

Then, in May 2018, Jones took Zack karting and returned him to a motel in Geelong, 75 kilometers southwest of Melbourne.

Alex Jones arrested

He gave the teenager alcohol, asked him to remove his clothes as a challenge, and waited for Zack to pass out before raping him for 10 minutes. Zack says that he was drowned, suffocated and threatened during the terrifying incident.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever felt in my life,” he said.

He took the train home the next day, stopped responding to Jones’s messages, and tried to escape the torment of the incident through drug abuse. Jones was taken to court where he was sentenced to six years in jail with a minimum of three years and four months.

Zack’s mother wrote a statement to the court detailing her son’s struggles after the incident.

“About a month after what Alexander [Jones] did … [Zack] ended up in the hospital after so much pain that he had psychosis … that night the police handcuffed him and took him to the hospital,” she wrote.

“He started sleeping with a knife under his pillow.”

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