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Who is Alex Davies? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Alex Davies

Alex Davies Wiki

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Who is Alex Davies ?

A neo-Nazi dubbed the ‘extremist of extremists’ has been found guilty of belonging to the banned far-right group National Action.

Alex Davies had previously told a jury that ethnic minorities should be expelled from the UK “as if asylum seekers were sent to Rwanda” and that his goal was to have an “overwhelmingly white Britain”.

The 27-year-old, described as “probably the biggest Nazi of them all”, was sentenced today at Winchester Crown Court.

He was one of the founders of the hate-filled group, which ‘celebrated’ the assassination of MP Jo Cox and aimed to complete the work of Adolf Hitler, the court heard.

The group idolized Nazi Germany and proudly posed for photos giving the Nazi salute at the Buchenwald death camp, where more than 56,000 people died during World War II.

The jury was told that co-founder Ben Raymond had coined the phrase “white jihad” for the group, which means “white terror” in a Nazi Germany memorabilia.

Davies is the 19th member of the group to be sentenced and will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on June 7.

Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson QC told the trial that the UK government banned the group after it had ‘terrified’ cities across the country with its call for an ‘all-out race war’.

But he added that the group “never disbanded, it morphed into regional factions.”

Davies created NS131, which stands for National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action and was later banned by the government, as a continuity group.

National Action co-founder Alex Davies was described as a “terrorist hiding in plain sight” and an “extremist of extremists”.

The defendant, whom Mr. Jameson described as a “terrorist hiding in plain sight,” told the court that NS131 was not created as a continuation of NA and had different goals and processes.

“The accused was the extremist of an extremist,” the BBC told Mr Jameson.

Davies first came to the attention of the authorities due to his extremist views at the age of 15.

He co-founded National Action (NA) while studying philosophy at the University of Warwick in 2013 when he was 19 years old.

But it was four years before this that he first referred to the Prevent counterterrorism program, although he said at his trial that he did not participate at this stage because “they did not contact him.”

It was with the creation of NA with co-founder Benjamin Raymond that Davies helped form an organization that went on to ‘terrorize’ city centers across the country with their rallies calling for ‘total race war’.

National Action soon made headlines after an undercover journalist infiltrated the group and exposed their fascist views calling for blacks, ethnic minorities and Jews to be expelled from the UK.

Jameson told the jury, “For the defendant and his minions, Adolf Hitler’s work was and remains unfinished.”

‘The ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question’, to use Hitler’s words, remains to be answered by complete eradication.’

Davies said that after the ban he was involved in “advancing the cause of National Socialism, not the cause of a continuing NA”.

And he added: ‘After the ban, the only thing that interests me is exercising legal political activities.’

Earlier in the trial, when asked if the repatriation of ethnic minorities would be enforced according to the group’s goals, he said: “It would be mandatory, I imagine.”

“I imagine it would be carried out along the lines of the current Conservative government and its sending of asylum seekers to Rwanda.”

He said the deportation would not be of all ethnic minorities and Jews, adding: “There are certain Jews who do essential work, just like there are Black, Asian and ethnic minority people who do essential work, and sending them back would be doing harm.” to ourselves.’

National Action members giving the Nazi salute in Savernake Forest in December 2016

Alex Davies pictured himself boxing at the Toothill Community Center in Swindon with other NA members

He continued: “If we were to take power, our aim is to have an overwhelmingly white Britain as it has more or less been for centuries.

“It’s only in the last 50/60/70 years that we’ve had mass immigration, it would be going back to the status quo before World War II.”

Asked if he would repatriate Jewish families with British heritage dating back “thousands of years,” he replied: “Yes, that’s how repatriation would work.”

Davies denied being a violent person and said the training camps he attended were not paramilitary-style training events.

He added that he had been quoting former BNP leader Nick Griffin when he sent a message to a potential recruit in April 2017 that said: “We must be smart but be ready to wear well-aimed boots and fists, if necessary.” . No peace movement is going to go anywhere.’

Davies said that he created NA because, as a ‘National Socialist’, he was ‘politically homeless’ after the BNP had ‘imploded’.

Davies, in the center of Bath, looks puzzled and says: ‘I don’t know, she looks white to me… you’re saying that [she’s mixed race] but you could be saying that for the sake of argument.’

Surrounded by shoppers and tourists, he goes on to tell Savannah and Sharon that Britain “has always been a white country” and that they “can’t handle the facts.”

Savannah, 15, notes that times have passed and “people have come a long way since then,” adding that “people with different skin tones can now blend together and that’s okay.”

The man can think of nothing else to say and leaves with the rest of the group, to the jeers of the crowd.

Sharon said she was “very proud of Savannah for ‘standing up to the racists in Bath’.

She said: ‘Savannah is mixed race and she is very proud of her heritage. Her grandfather is Jamaican and works as a pediatrician in Africa. He is an expert in the treatment of malaria.

“He is a lovely person and a happy girl, but when we saw those men we had to act.

Surrounded by shoppers and tourists, Davies goes on to tell Savannah and Sharon that Britain “has always been a white country” and that they “can’t handle the facts.”

“We were so shocked: this is the first time we have witnessed direct racism. There were many tourists from all over the world and I couldn’t imagine what they were thinking.

“People were upset but didn’t do anything. I think that happens more and more now: society tends to turn a blind eye.’

The men are from a group called National Action, a neo-Nazi British nationalist youth movement.

Sharon said that Savannah, who is studying for her GCSE, had a strong social conscience and cares deeply about LGBT rights, racism and animal rights.

The post was widely shared on social media and viewed nearly 100,000 times.

People congratulated the couple for their stance on Facebook while condemning the men.

Colin Forbes said: ‘Well done! What are a group of mutants doing in Bath? They must have come in through the sewers!’, while Andrew Bottomley commented: ‘Go ahead guys, well done…sadly you won’t change anyone’s mind if you do.’ I don’t have one, but hats off anyway!

Alex Davies Quick and Facts

  • Alex Davies, 27, told a jury he wanted to have an ‘overwhelmingly white Britain’
  • Davies was called a ‘terrorist hiding in plain sight’ and an ‘extremist’s extremist’
  • He co-founded Nation Action – banned by the Government for its hate speech
  • Banned group said to have ‘terrorised’ towns across UK with call for ‘race war’

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