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Who is Alena Grlakova?(Man accused of murdering two prostitutes 21 years apart ‘told probation officers ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Alena Grlakova

Alena Grlakova Wiki

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Who is Alena Grlakova?

A man charged with two murders 21 years apart told a probation officer that he fantasized about hurting and killing s*x workers, a court has heard.

Gary Allen, 47, is currently on trial charged in the 1997 Hull murders of Samantha Class and Alena Grlakova in 2018.

Sheffield Crown Court jurors heard that Allen had a “strong dislike for sex workers” and that both women had worked in the s*x industry at the time of his death.

Samantha’s body was found by schoolchildren on the banks of the Humber River near North Ferriby. She had been beaten, strangled and run over.

Allen was later arrested and tried for her murder, but she was found not guilty.

Just a month later, in Plymouth, where he lived at the time, he assaulted two s*x workers.

How Alena Grlakova Age?

East Yorkshire, is standing trial after being charged with the murder of Alena Grlakova, 38 year old.


After being convicted of the attacks, Allen was seen by two probation workers, to whom he is said to have made a number of troubling comments.

Allen was seen by Probation Officer Darren Fisher at two meetings on December 17 and 18, 2003.

During interviews, Fisher says Allen claimed that he fantasized about harming s*x workers.

When he testified from the witness stand at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday, Fisher said Allen told him that he had these fantasies “every week.”

He said: ‘He said that he fantasized about holding a woman who fantasized that she was a prostitute and told her: “I am going to kill you and I will hurt you. No one will ever see you.”

“ He fantasized about repeatedly hitting the victim with a bat. That [his victims were prostitutes] was a persistent theme in his fantasies.


“He told me that for many years he had had prostitutes in his abusive fantasies and when he encountered them, he immediately developed a fantasy of ‘what would he do to them’.

The comments came shortly after another probation worker claimed that Allen described sex workers as ‘scum’ and ‘the lowest of the low’ for her.

Rosemary Parks says she saw Allen at a series of meetings in October 2002. She says he admitted to her that she planned and committed the attacks on s*x workers in Plymouth. She said he points to s*x workers as ‘they go with anyone’.

Mr. Fisher was questioned by Katherine Goddard, who asked if Mr. Fisher had suggested the fantasies to Allen based on material he may have obtained from his interviews with Ms. Parks.

She said: ‘I have to suggest to her that during her meetings with him she made it clear to him that if she did not cooperate with his meetings, he would most likely be sent back to jail for violating his license.’

Mr Fisher dismissed the suggestion.

Ms Goddard added: ‘You have told the jury that in an argument with him you told him some specific things and said that in your fantasies you contained a woman who was naked and you fantasized that she was a prostitute and that you said she was going to kill and wound them and that no one would ever see them again.

“What I’m suggesting is that you were making these suggestions to him and he was just following them.”

Mr. Fisher said: “The questions I asked him were based on the material he had and the crimes he had committed as a man who had expressed violence.”

The officer said that the things that were discussed had been revealed to him by Allen.

The court heard that Allen told Mr. Fisher that he had committed the crimes in Plymouth “because he wanted to.”

Fisher said these were the words that “came out of his mouth.”

He added: ‘The reason this is important is because sometimes people say that their offense is due to alcohol or the actions of other people.

‘This is a man who said’ This is my choice ‘. The person says that he is responsible for this crime. ‘

Allen denies murdering Ms. Class in 1997 and Ms. Grlakova in 2018.

Alena Grlakova Quicks and Facts

  • Gary Allen on trial for killing Samantha Class in 1997 and Alena Grlakova in 2018
  • He was acquitted of killing Ms Class weeks before assaulting two s*x workers
  • Sheffield Crown Court heard Mr Allen had a ‘strong dislike of s*x workers’
  • It is alleged he told a probation officer he fantasised about killing prostitutes

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