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Breaking: Aidé Guajardo de González Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Aidé Guajardo de González

Aidé Guajardo de González Wiki

                                         Aidé Guajardo de González  Biography

Aidé Guajardo de González is Cepillín’s wife. Cepillín had his own children’s television program called “El Show de Cepillin” that combined education and comedy. The show also attracted Hollywood stars as guests on different occasions. The late clown also appeared in various films and is also known for giving singer Yuri and actress Salma Hayek a break early in their careers.

The much-loved clown was also a Grammy-nominated singer. He had released 25 albums and sold millions of copies worldwide. His songs tend to focus on children. Before Cepillín became famous on the small screen, he was a child dentist and it is known that to prevent children from being scared, he painted his face like a clown. His stage name roughly translates to “small toothbrush.”

Aidé Guajardo de González Age

The age of Aidé Guajardo de González is unknown.

Cause of death

Cepillín has died at the age of 75. He died on Sunday, March 8, from complications from a spinal surgery that included heart complications and pneumonia, according to multiple publications, however, it was his son who first confirmed his death.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Cepillín, whose real name was Ricardo González Gutiérrez, was hospitalized late last month after injuring his back during an accident at his home. He had recently been diagnosed with spinal cancer. Cepillín’s son used Facebook and said: “I ask for all your prayers for my father, which translates to ‘I am asking for all your prayers for my father.”

Cepillín was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and was a popular personality on Spanish television for decades. For Mexicans, he was a big part of his childhood, as his music was played at birthday parties.

As soon as the news of Cepillín’s passing reached the internet, many social media users rushed to Twitter to share their memories of the clown along with his condolences. One user, feeling nostalgic, said: “Man, I remember I woke up listening to #Cepillin on my birthday every year on my birthday, now I can’t believe that the man who used to sing to me and so many other children have passed away. Rest in peace pouring out” Another posted, “RIP to a legend who played songs on every Mexican birthday RIP, the guy who made my childhood a living dream RIP the iconic Mexican clown we all love to spill.”

One added: “If you don’t know who Cepillin was, then you’re not Mexican enough.” The next one said: “I can’t believe that Cepillín passed away brother. RIP THE MAN WHO MADE MY MEMORIES OF SO BIG CHILDREN. “Another shared:” I’m dying ** I feel bad for everyone who didn’t grow up with Cepillin. “One user said:” I don’t know much about Cepillin, just somehow. If you say his name among Mexicans, we all know who Clown Face is. “#RIP #QEPD” Another concluded: “He was and still is a part of my life when I grew up with this boy! He made me laugh with his high-pitched voice to make everyone smile! His untimely death, the whole world lost a big one today of every day.

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