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The mayor of Columbus, Ohio, called on Wednesday for the “immediate release” of a municipal police officer for the murder of a black man who was described as a guest in the house where he was shot and “had not committed any crime. “.
Speaking at a news conference hours after the funeral of another black man killed by police in Columbus earlier this month, Mayor Andrew Ginther identified the man who was killed by police early Tuesday as Andre Maurice Hill. 47 years.

Ginther said Hill was an expected guest at the home where he was shot and killed by an officer responding to a non-emergency riot.
Police say the appellant, who was not identified, reported that a man remained in his truck for a long time, turning the engine on and off several times.

Andrew Ginther Decided

Ginther identified the officer as Adam Coy and said that after examining Coy’s actions in the incident Tuesday morning, he decided that the police should fire the officer.

“After taking a closer look at the incident, today I call for the immediate release of Adam Coy. that he has failed in two orders: not turning on the camera and not offering or providing assistance after the shooting. Ginther said. .

CNN contacted Order 9 of the Capital City Lodge Fraternal Police to represent the officer.

Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Pettus said Adam Coy was a public official by law and entitled to due process, which he said would begin as soon as possible. Coy was stripped of his badge and gun pending an independent investigation into the shooting.

Authorities are in the early stages of an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General and the State Criminal Investigation Bureau.

In a statement Wednesday, Yost said investigators “will conduct a thorough, independent and well-informed investigation, a search for the truth.”

“What we have now is an incomplete file,” Yost said in a statement. “We must allow the investigation to be completed and the evidence to be collected. Only the truth, the whole truth and nothing else will lead to justice ”.

Crime Recorded

Authorities said Coy and another officer who responded to the call were equipped with body cameras, but did not turn them on until after the shooting. A feature of the body camera technology used by the Columbus Police Department provides a 60-second flashback but does not record audio, authorities said, adding that the officer’s camera eventually did record footage of the footage, but nothing. Audio.

In total, according to Ginther, the researchers have several minutes – “five, maybe seven or eight” minutes – of body film. She said Hill’s family reviewed the images from the body worm camera Wednesday.

Ginther said: “I have never seen images from such a camera on the body where there was literally no attempt to revive and help this man who had not committed any crime and was dying.”

So far, authorities have provided few details about what happened during the police meeting with Hill.

According to a news release from the Columbus Department of Public Safety, police responded to a non-urgent call shortly after 1:37 p.m. Tuesday.

When police arrived at the home in the northwest of the city, they found an open garage door and a man inside, city officials said.

Police said body camera footage taken during the 60-second flashback showed Hill walking toward the officer with a cell phone in his left hand, while his right hand was not visible.

Police say a police officer fired his gun and hit Hill. He died in the hospital shortly before 2:30 am. No weapons were recovered from the site.

Since the police did not respond to an emergency, they did not turn on his car’s siren or lights, so the onboard camera for the police patrol was never activated during the response. authorities said.

Ginther answered questions hours after attending a private funeral with the family of Casey Goodson, a black man who was shot and killed by a Columbus police officer on December 4 as he was on his way home from a dental appointment to buy sandwiches on the subway. for her family, says her mother:

The federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Ohio said Wednesday that his office will investigate the shootings for possible violations of federal civil rights.

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