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Breaking: Abdul Xasan Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Abdul Xasan Biography                                               Abdul Xasan Wiki

Abdul Xasan, 19, was killed in a shooting in Coventry
The killers, who are now 16 and 20, are members of the C2 gang in Coventry.
Xasan was a member of the rival gang RB7 and was assassinated on March 13.
The murderers, who for legal reasons cannot be identified, risk being sentenced to life imprisonment.
It’s the shocking moment when a 15-year-old boy was driving a car used in a gang murder and stopped so his 19-year-old accomplice could shoot a rival 19-year-old gang member with a gun. hunt. Pump action.

The gunman and driver, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, were convicted of the murder of Abdul Xasan in a shooting in Coventry on March 13.

Birmingham Crown Court learned that the 15-year-old is driving a stolen VW Golf Type R. Both suspects wore court-ordered RBankle tags at the time of the murder so investigators could link them to the crime scene.

The couple set the stolen car on fire after the murder to destroy forensic evidence linking them to the murder.

He was found guilty of murder after a four-week trial and will be sentenced on December 22.

The court heard that the two killers were members of the C2 gang in Coventry, while the victim was linked to a rival gang, RB7. The victim was arrested days before his death on suspicion of possession of a counterfeit firearm.

Chief Detective Inspector Scott Griffiths of the West Midlands Police Homicide Unit led the investigation.

He said: “There was an ongoing tension between the two groups as the killing approached, including the shooting.

“What happened was scandalous: a pistol was fired several times on a public highway in the afternoon. It happened not far from a nursery. Others who are not linked to either gang could easily have been injured.

“This is a truly tragic case and a stark reminder of the consequences of gang involvement. A young life was lost and the lives of two others, including a young child, were completely ruined.

“We can help people who want to turn their backs on gang culture. Together with our partners, including charities and support groups, we can help young people make better decisions.

“But those who insist on joining violent gangs run a high risk of serious injury, death or spending much of their life in prison.”

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