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Who is Abby Zwerner?(Teacher, 25, left critically-injured after she was deliberately shot in chest ‘by boy aged SIX’ in Virginia elementary school)Wiki, Bio, Age,Shooting, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Abby Zwerner

Abby Zwerner Wiki

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A first-grade teacher who police say was deliberately shot in the chest by a six-year-old boy is a 25-year-old hero who yelled at her students to run to safety.

Abby Zwerner is the educator who was struck by the bullet in her classroom at Richneck Elemtary School in Newport News, Virginia, around 2 p.m. m. on Friday, was able to reveal.

She was then rushed to the hospital for surgery. Authorities said tonight that Zwerner was seriously injured and no further updates have been shared.

Teacher Identified

Police said the boy, who has not been publicly identified, got into an “alteration” with Zwerner, of Williamsburg, before shooting him.

Her father, Sebastián González-Hernández, confirmed Zwerner’s identity to and also detailed her disinterest immediately afterwards.

He said he ‘yelled at her children to run away’ after the student fired a single round.

“Even after he was shot, he was thinking about the safety of his children,” González-Hernández said.

Richneck Elementary School Shooting

Abby Zwerner, 25, of Williamsburg, Virginia, was shot in the chest at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News around 2 p.m. m. of Friday.

The father, Sebastián González-Hernández, who confirmed Zwerner’s identity.said he “yelled at his children to run away” after the student fired a single bullet.

Her own six-year-old son, whom he did not want to name, was in the classroom when the shot rang out.

‘She is an amazing teacher, very dedicated. My son absolutely loves her, and we are devastated by what happened. We all think of her and hope she gets better soon.”

Zwerner was taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center in critical condition and remains there. She was the only one injured.

Police confirmed that a six-year-old student fired the terrifying shot, but authorities are still investigating how the first grader managed to obtain a gun.

“This was not an accidental shooting,” Newport News chief Steve Drew said at a news conference Friday. ‘It was in a classroom, there was an altercation. We didn’t have a situation where someone was hanging around the school shooting. We had a situation at a particular location where a firearm was discharged.


Police say the incident is no longer an active situation and that it was an isolated incident.

A six-year-old student told the Daily Press that the shooter was a classmate.

The six-year-old girl who witnessed the shooting said her classmate shot the teacher ‘on purpose’ and the teacher fell to her knees.

The mother of a fourth-grader said she received a text from the school saying the shooting occurred and the suspect was in custody.

‘My heart stopped. I was crazy, very nervous. I was just wondering if that person was my son,” Joselin Glover, whose son is Carlos Glover, told the Daily Press.

Despite her concern, he said the school handled the situation well.

Mayor Phillip Jones agreed, saying, “The police did an amazing job, they were here very, very quickly along with the Sheriff’s Office.” We make sure everyone is safe, we make sure everyone is accounted for.”

The Uvalde Children’s Foundation also commented on the devastating incident, saying in a statement: “Today’s incident highlights, once again, the need to prioritize in this nation the protection of our schools, our students and the communities that care for them.” .