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Who is Aaron Jay Danielson?(Family of MAGA supporter Aaron Danielson sue Portland for $13M after he was shot dead by Antifa supporter during BLM riots ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Shot,Facebook,Victim, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Aaron Jay Danielson

Aaron Jay Danielson Wiki

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Who was Aaron Jay Danielson ?

Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson’s family filed the lawsuit in federal court on Friday, alleging that the negligence of the city and its leaders contributed to his death, according to OregonLive.com.

He claims that the ‘hands-off approach’ of dealing with political demonstrations and counter-protests in 2020 enabled a ‘culture of policing’ among civilians and led to Danielson’s assassination on August 29, 2020.

The lawsuit also charged Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt with being responsible for Danielson’s death by publicly announcing that he likely would not pursue what he considered public order crimes.

“We seek justice for the preventable death of a young man, shot and killed in a city with a dangerous and deadly approach to public safety,” Christopher L. Cauble, Danielson’s property attorney, said in a statement.

How old was Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson ?

He was 39 year old.


The family of a MAGA supporter allegedly shot and killed by an Antifa member in Portland is suing Oregon City for $ 13 million after blaming protests for its “hands-off” approach for the murder.

Danielson’s friends and family say they don’t know why he would have canceled his birthday plans to go camping, as he loved nature. ‘He wasn’t the type to start a fight or yell in someone’s face,’ said a friend.

‘City leaders and law enforcement agencies have failed to find an effective response to the groups of protesters in conflict. For more than a year, they have known when and where these demonstrations would occur and the likelihood of an escalation of violence. However, no protective intervention strategy has been used to date. This reckless neglect of duty cost our client Aaron Danielson his life, ‘said the attorney.

The lawsuit alleges that law enforcement policies fostered an environment in which protesters could expect “a skeletal and passive police presence” prior to Danielson’s death.

It claims that agents from the Portland Police Office were instructed to avoid disputes between opposing political groups.

The estate seeks $ 13 million in damages: $ 1.5 million in economic damages, $ 1.5 million in non-economic damages, and up to $ 10 million in punitive damages.

Danielson, a supporter of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, was killed in Portland and had canceled his 40th birthday plans to go to the pro-Trump rally, according to reports.

Danielson, 39, is said to have been shot and killed just before he got home when Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with Trump supporters who were driving a caravan through town.

Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer, said, “He loved going to the rallies.” But Danielson’s friends and family say they don’t know why he would have canceled his birthday plans to go camping because he loved nature, reports The Oregonian.


Stephanie Wilcox, 37, told the newspaper: ‘He liked to watch and record videos. He wasn’t the type to start a fight or get loud in someone’s face. ‘

In disturbing footage, recorded by cameraman Justin Dunlap, the victim, later identified as Danielson, appears to be following two other people down a street before two shots are heard and a cloud of smoke erupts at the fountain.

The person who appeared to shoot and a handful of others nearby then flee from sight as the victim staggers a few feet and collapses to the ground.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was identified by anonymous law enforcement sources cited

Several people are seen running as a car turns a corner and skids to a stop in front of the victim, Danielson, who, according to Gibson, kept a low profile and was only armed with bear spray, was shot in the chest and killed in the place. .

Gibson said Danielson had spent time “just talking to random BLM supporters” at a pro-police rally in Camas the night before.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was identified by anonymous law enforcement sources cited by The Oregonian as the man under investigation in the shooting. No one has been arrested in the case.

Reinoehl is also said to have been at the Camas event the night before; It is not known if the two men met that night.

Police shot him dead on September 3 when police surrounded him outside an apartment complex in Lacey, Washington.

In an interview at her Oregon home, Michael’s sister April told DailyMail.com that her brother had been separated from her family for three years after stealing medicine from her mother. she who has dementia.

Danielson’s friend Chandler Pappas, who was with him the night he was shot, told The Common Sense Conservative: “They recognized our Patriot Prayer hats. They executed my partner. They chased him.

Hours before he was shot in the chest, Danielson and his friend were seen heading downtown to guard a flag-waving caravan of Trump supporters.

They wore hats with the Patriot Prayer insignia and appeared armed with knives and paintball guns.

Paint is a defensive mechanism. The paint is not bullets, ‘Trump said during a briefing at the White House, adding that someone connected with violent protests’ shot a young gentleman and killed him. Not with paint, but with a bullet.

In the video of the cell phone shooting, both Danielson and his assailant were seen on a dark street. At least three shots rang out in a smoky haze, followed by images of Danielson crumpling on the ground as his friend, Chandler Pappas, slapped him and flipped him over, yelling ‘Jay! Jay!’

“He was a good man and he was killed senselessly for no more reason than he believed something different than what they believe,” Pappas told his supporters during a demonstration. ‘He was a Christian. He was a conservative. ‘

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson added on his Facebook page: ‘We love Jay and he had such a big heart. God bless him and the life he lived. ‘

Ex-girlfriend Christine Banks said Danielson

Ex-girlfriend Christine Banks said Danielson didn’t talk much about politics, but about the week-long protests in Portland: “I didn’t think it was right. … He was there for peace. ‘

Banks said that Danielson was a good person who loved nature and animals.

“If you ask someone, the only thing they will remember is his beautiful silly smile,” she said.

“ He cared what you believed and not the color of your skin. ”

A GoFundMe site said that he had raised $ 33,000 from more than 900 donors for “legal / attorney fees, and to cover all other costs incurred in this time of need.”

Danielson, a heavyset, bearded man, helped run a Portland business called North West Specialty Moving that focused on hauling heavy items like marble statues, hot tubs, and gun safes.

The company’s address, which is the same as Danielson’s list for two parking violations in 2019, is a modest blue bungalow in a residential neighborhood in southwest Portland.

Luke Carrillo, a longtime Danielson business partner, said they had been friends for 20 years.

“We have lived and worked together day after day,” he told reporters. ‘We are like brothers, brothers who chose each other.’

Danielson was associated with another company, Oregon Pro Arms LLC, which according to state records is primarily focused on moving gun safes.

Just hours before the shooting, Pappas was in the parking lot of a shopping center in suburban Clackamas talking to a reporter for the Portland Tribune.

The man next to him who appeared to be Danielson didn’t say much except to make a reference to a reporter who had been attacked last year in Portland.

“We are interested in independent journalism,” said the man.

Pappas at one point chimed in, referring to the Trump caravan, “I’m here to stop people from assaulting these people.”

Critics have said that instead of keeping the peace, Patriot Prayer has helped incite violence. Last month in nearby Gresham, Pappas showed up to counter a Black Lives Matter event and, according to the Portland Tribune, declared: ‘I came here ready for war.’

Portland police have yet to make an arrest, they asked for witnesses and those who had taken video of the scene to contact them.

A small monument to Danielson took shape Monday on a sidewalk in front of the parking structure where it collapsed. It included four yellow daisies tied to a tree, a small American flag blowing in the wind, and a condolence card with a Bible verse and a handwritten note.

Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson Quicks and Facts

  • The estate of Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, a supporter of former President Trump who was shot dead by a member of Antifa in Portland, Oregon sued for $13 million
  • The lawsuit filed in federal court claims the city’s alleged negligence contributed to his death because it allowed a ‘culture of vigilante policing’
  • The lawsuit accused Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt of being accountable for announcing that he wouldn’t pursue public order crimes
  • Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler is also named as a defendant 
  • Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, 39, was gunned down during protest in Portland
  • Joey Gibson, leader of Patriot Prayer, said: ‘He loved to go to demonstrations’ 
  • But Danielson’s friends and family say they do not know why he would have canceled his birthday plans to go camping as he loved nature 
  • ‘He was not one to start a fight or get loud in somebody’s face’, one friend said 
  • Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was identified by police sources as the man under investigation for the shooting, he has since been shot dead by police

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