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Breaking: Aaron Hoffman Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Aaron Hoffman Wiki

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Aaron Hoffman, who was a member of the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office (PWCSO), was fired on December 26 after officials were notified of a series of ‘disturbing comments’ made on his Parler profile,’ WeThePeopleWarrior ‘.

Hoffman reportedly asked his supporters to find the homes of “liberal” politicians and judges and “remove them from their sanctuary” with force.

“Take back the capitals of your state,” urged one of the messages. Find the homes of every governor, mayor, attorney general, liberal judge, senator, congressman, and all the top media / social media CEOs … find them, get them out of their sanctuary.

‘It carries the nightmare where they lay their heads and kiss their loved ones. Show them they are NOT untouchable. ‘

Another post on Hoffman’s account included a threat to kill anyone who tries to vaccinate their children against COVID-19 without their consent.

“It is not a threat, but a promise,” the publication reads chillingly.

Hoffman has admitted that the account belongs to him, but claims that it was recently hacked and that he was not the author of any of the posts that led to his firing.

PWCSO, meanwhile, says there is no evidence to show that Hoffman’s account was ever compromised.

Hoffman was first identified as the author behind the posts by journalist Molly Conger, who shared screenshots of the officer’s Parler account to Twitter.

Other messages included apparent death threats against Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and former President Barack Obama.

In one such post, Hoffman’s account was seen responding to an article calling for Justice Roberts to be fired from the Supreme Court court.

After a user pointed out that Roberts is dating for life, Hoffman’s account replied: “It seems his life needs to be shortened.”

Hoffman’s account at Parler was created on November 9. In a post written two days before his firing, Hoffman appeared to refer to those who wear face masks in public as “mentally ill,” whom he has to avoid “murdering.”

“I think God has been watching over me because I couldn’t handle someone like that to my face without getting incredibly violent,” he responded to a post.

“No one seems brave enough to confront me for not wearing a mask … I believe that it is God who prevents me from murdering the mentally ill.”

In another screenshot uploaded by Conger, Hoffman is apparently seen sharing images of his extensive arsenal of firearms, including several rifles, pistols, and two tactical vests, including one with ‘Sheriff’ written on the front.

Hoffman’s account made additional calls to find the homes of politicians and ‘liberal’ judges, and ‘remove them from their sanctuary’

Meanwhile, Sheriff Hill said that he found Hoffman’s alleged posts’ very despicable and so I took the action I did. I certainly do not condone that, and of course it is against our policy.

The sheriff’s office released a statement via Facebook on Saturday, saying it had been “notified of disturbing comments made on various social media by a sheriff’s deputy.”

Following an internal affairs investigation, “the deputy has been fired from our office,” the statement said. The office thanked the public for “bringing this to our attention.”

The Prince William County Sheriff’s Office has not yet responded to a request for comment from DailyMail.com about Hoffman’s denials of authorship of the posts that led to his firing.

Sheriff Hill told Virginia Deputy Danica Roem, who represents parts of Prince William County, that the deputy’s claim of piracy “came up during the internal investigation, but Sheriff Hill determined there was no evidence to support it.” .

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