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Who is Aariel Maynor?(Man who murdered Jacqueline Avant is sentenced to 150 years in prison: Friends claimed he ‘bragged’ about killing philanthropist in home invasion) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Murder, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Aariel Maynor

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Who is Aariel Maynor  ?

The man who shot and killed the wife of famed music producer Clarence Avant last year in a Beverly Hills home invasion gone wrong has been sentenced to a minimum of 150 years in prison, after it was revealed he bragged to his friends on the phone about the crime. from prison after his arrest.

Aariel Maynor, who confessed last month to fatally shooting 81-year-old philanthropist Jacqueline Avant during a botched raid on the couple’s $7 million mansion in December, was sentenced to life in prison in Los Angeles County court on Thursday. Friday afternoon, more than four months after the murder. murder.

The hearing, which was scheduled for late last month but was postponed after Maynor refused to leave his cell, saw a judge throw the book at Maynor for Avant’s murder as well as the attempted murder of a security guard that he shot during the December 1 raid.

During Tuesday’s trial, Deputy District Attorney Victor Avila said the Dec. 1 robbery was “premeditated” and that Avant “researched” Clarence Avant’s name online before the 2:30 a.m. home invasion and he expected to take valuable belongings with the planned robbery.

“He shot a completely vulnerable, 81-year-old victim who was no match for him, taking her by surprise,” Judge Kathryn Solorzano said before announcing the sentence.

The sentence, which includes three life sentences, comes on the heels of prosecutors revealing in court that Maynor “laughed” with friends in a Los Angeles jail cell about the crime after his arrest and the publicity surrounding it. in two separate phone messages. calls, which were played for the judge on the Tuesday before ruling.

‘That’s not funny. That’s someone’s life,’ the unidentified woman responded during the December call, revealing sentencing papers filed by district attorneys.


Apparently calm, Maynor, a career criminal with a long list of charges including assault, robbery and grand larceny, went on to boast about the attention the crime, in which the con man shot Jacqueline in the back, had received, noting that “It was all for the news.

‘However, do you think my mom has seen that?’ the presentation quotes Maynor as saying.

The robber, who was paroled from state prison three months before shooting Avant, told the woman he expected to get $50,000 for the robbery, the document shows.

However, he then ran into Jacqueline, who cops say was awake at the Bel-Air house and startled the robber, encouraging him to shoot and walk away empty-handed.

Maynor then explained how after the robbery at the Avant house failed, she went to another house in the Hollywood Hills and attempted another robbery.

The effort, however, was thwarted again when cops investigating Avant’s murder tracked her killer to the backyard of the Hollywood home, after he mistakenly shot himself in the foot with the same rifle he used to kill. to Avant.

The filing also details another jail call made before Christmas, where Maynor mistakenly bragged to another friend that prosecutors were not seeking the death penalty or life in prison in the case, saying he would “get out of jail.” in “like 20-25 years”. ‘

“I’m getting out of jail,” Maynor reportedly told the unidentified man during the exchange. ‘I’ll probably do like 20-25 years, [and] I’ll get out, you know?’

Prosecutors fought to hand Maynor the 150-year-to-life sentence since March, when the killer pleaded guilty to the murder, as well as a consecutive 43-year sentence for other crimes related to the break-in, including the attempted murder of the guard. anonymous, who was not injured during the December 1 raid.

Police arrived at the home in the gated community of Trousdale Estates around 2:30 a.m. after they “received a phone call about a shooting that had occurred” at the residence, police said in a statement after the incident.

Officers who arrived at the scene discovered that Jacqueline was still alive and suffering from a single gunshot wound to her back.

She was transported to a local hospital, but she died later that morning.

“Police units arrived and discovered a victim with a gunshot wound,” the statement said. ‘The suspect(s) were no longer at the scene.’

An hour later, Los Angeles Police Department officers were called to a home in the Hollywood Hills, about seven miles from Avant’s residence, for a reported shooting.

There they found Maynor, as well as evidence of a burglary at that house, and arrested him.

Maynor accidentally shot himself in the foot while he was breaking into the Hollywood Hills home. An LAPD watch commander ‘put two and two together’ and approached Beverly Hills investigators.

Clarence, a music icon known as ‘The Black Godfather’, was in the house at the time, but was not injured.

After Jacqueline’s death, tributes poured in from high-profile friends, including Bill Clinton and Magic Johnson, with filmmaker Tyler Perry promising to devote “every available resource” to tracking down those responsible.


In a statement to DailyMail.com, the victim’s family said: “All the Avant and Sarandos families would like to thank everyone for their great love, support and deepest condolences to Jacqueline Avant.”

‘Jacqueline was an incredible woman, wife, mother, philanthropist and resident of Beverly Hills for 55 years who has had an immeasurable positive impact on the arts community. Her family, her friends and all the people she has helped throughout her amazing life will miss her,” the bereaved family said.

In a statement released at the time, Los Angeles Sentinel owner and family friend Danny Bakewell Sr. said Clarence Avant was “currently grieving but resting with his family.”

Crime scene photos showed a broken sliding glass door at the rear of the couple’s home, with glass shards strewn across the outdoor pool deck.

Jacqueline was a local philanthropist who once modeled at the Ebony fashion show and served as president of Neighbors of Watts, a support group that focused on child care. She also served on the board of directors for the UCLA International Student Center.

She also served as NOW membership chair and entertainment chair for the NOW charity auction and dinner dance in 1975, according to IMDb.

Her husband, Clarence, is known as the ‘godfather of black music’ and was recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris were among those who paid tribute to him in a video made for his swearing-in ceremony in October.

Avant’s daughter, Nicole, is married to Ted Sarandos, co-CEO and chief content officer of Netflix.

Nicole Avant

Nicole Avant, who served as the US Ambassador to the Bahamas from 2009 to 2011, is now a film producer whose work includes a 2019 Netflix documentary about her father, ‘The Black Godfather.’ In an interview with NBC News about the documentary, she praised her mother.

“My mom is truly the one who brought my father and our family the love, passion and importance of the arts, culture and entertainment,” she said. ‘While my father was at it, making all the deals, my mother was the one who passed on to me, for example, my love of literature, my love of film, my love of storytelling.’

Clarence Avant, who has an estimated net worth of $50 million, is a Grammy-winning executive, concert promoter, and manager who mentored and helped the careers of such artists as Bill Withers, Little Willie John, L.A. Reid, Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

He founded Sussex Records and Tabu Records in the 1960s and 1970s, and was president of Motown Records in the 1990s.


The crime comes as Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon continues to draw criticism for his light punishments of criminals, amid a recent wave of ‘follow home; robberies in luxury ships in the county of southern California.

In the spree of robberies, the suspects, often repeat offenders, stalk residents of affluent areas as they exit luxury boutiques, hotels and restaurants before attacking, taking advantage of lax laws that allow them to return to the streets hours after their alleged crimes. crimes.

In November, the Los Angeles Police Department created a division designed to combat robbery: the Follow Home Robbery Task Force.

The force, which includes 18 detectives, was created on November 23.

Since then, a total of 221 home burglaries have been reported, with another 45 occurring before the task force was created.

During Tuesday’s briefing, Tippet and other police officers criticized laws that saw two suspects arrested by the task force in connection with crimes put back on the street while awaiting trial days after their crimes.

Meanwhile, the city has seen violent robberies and violent robberies skyrocket. Robberies are up nearly 18 percent year-to-date compared to 2021, while those involving firearms are up nearly 50 percent in the same time frame.

Assaults also increased marginally, by 4.4 percent, and violent crimes overall were up seven percent, LAPD statistics reveal.

“We have seen countless people traumatized because they had a gun pointed at them and robbed,” Tippet said during the press conference, which was held to brief the Civilian Police Commission on the task force’s work since its formation on last fall.

“Many others are dealing with the trauma and injuries of being tackled, kicked, punched, punched and hit with a gun to the head.

“It is a miracle that more deaths have not occurred,” the policeman added, referring to the two deaths that have occurred out of more than 100 incidents.

In a four-week period from September to October, Tippet revealed, there were 45 burglaries that met the ‘follow home’ criteria. In November there were another 39, with

In November, days before the attack on Avant’s home, a group of masked robbers stalked former BET host Terrence Jenkins, 39, as he was driving home to Sherman Oaks and tried to catch the actor pulling his car out of a pickup truck. . around 3 a.m. PT on November 10. Jenkins was able to flee the scene uninjured, but shots were fired.


About a month earlier, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley’s home was invaded by an armed gang while her children were sleeping on October 27.

In the attack, men broke into the 45-year-old reality star’s residence just before 11 p.m. and proceeding to hold her at gunpoint, a source close to Kemsley revealed to DailyMail.com at the time.

The incidents prompted Los Angeles police to establish the task force, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said at the time, citing that the department had not seen violent holdups “like this in decades.”

Aariel Maynor Quick and Facts

  • Aariel Maynor, pictured, a career criminal who confessed to the December murder of Jacqueline Avant, 81, last month, was handed the sentence Friday 
  • Maynor, 30, a career criminal who confessed to the December murder last month, ‘laughed’ to a friend from a LA lockup about the crime, documents reveal
  • ‘That’s not funny. That somebody’s life,’ the unidentified woman replied during the December call, sentencing documents filed by district attorneys read
  • During the call, Maynor bragged about the attention the crime – which saw the con shoot Jacqueline in the back – received, noting he ‘was all over the news’ 
  • ‘You think my mama’s seen that, though?’ the filing cites Maynor as saying
  • In another call, Maynor bragged to a friend DAs were not seeking a life sentence or death penalty in the case, saying he would ‘get out of jail’ in ‘like 20-25 years’
  • The jailhouse calls were played Friday for Judge Kathryn Solorzano before she read her ruling

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